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I would guess just about any USB port can charge the FiiO A3.
 Think your better off spend up to around $60 to upgrade the op-amps in the Essence STX.Maybe spend $214-$250 for the Darkvoice tube headphone amplifer, connect it to the STX line-output (RCA).
 You might consider to pass on surround sound, just go for good stereo audio quality.Connect the Direct TV and Samsung BD-F7500 to the Panasonic TC-P65VT60 using HDMI.And run optical from the P65VT60 to something like a Schiit Modi (optical input) DAC, then connect the DAC to the Musical Fidelity XCAN v2Even Hifimediy offers an optical DAC for only $60.
 The Schiit Magni is a headphone amplifer, not sure why your referring to it as the Magni pre-amp?Are you connecting the ATH-AD900 to the pre-amp (RCA) output on the Magni?What sources or DAC are you connecting the Magni to?
 Maybe check around for a good deal on a used Beyer T90.It's my preferred headphone for all audio.
 Your motherboard comes with the Realtek ALC1150 audio processor and Realtek software.Your motherboard also comes with Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 2 software.Which audio software do you use while gaming? I would try to talk you into getting a Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card.I would assume it would improve audio quality at least a little and might improve headphone surround sound for gaming. Might also consider removing the black rubber tape from inside the cups...
What amplifier are you using to drive the 150-Ohm Superlux HD660? What sources do you use with your headphones?   The Sony MDR-7506 are studio monitors, some people like their sound, but might be a little on the boring side.
This might help.
Why get a CD player when you can play Audio-CDs from your PC? And just get a stand alone headphone amplifier and connect it to the E10K's line-output.
 Still running 1080P, you might consider replacing your computer monitor with the newer 2560X1440, as some of the newer 2560X1440 monitors come with an even smaller dot pitch then the older 1080 monitors.I replaced my Asus 1080 27" monitor with a Yamakasi 27" with 2560-X1440 and a LG AH-IPS panel, giving me better color and easier to read text.
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