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 The FiiO E10K comes with a S/PDIF coaxial output.As you have a stereo amplifier and as amplifiers are analog, you could not directly connect a S/PDIF (optical or coaxial) cable to the amplifier.The E10K does come with a separate line-output (analog), which could be connected to a amplifier.If your using a modern A/V receiver, which would have digital input and one of those digital inputs might be coaxial.
 As a external sound card, I would assume it's just as good as any other external sound card, for it's price range.For a few dollars more you could get the FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla (both are USB/DAC/amps), they do not come with any sound card features, but should at least be a little better audio quality wise, then the Omni.
 Order the Audio Technica ATH-AD900X (40-Ohm) open headphones (146 Euros) straight from Japan. with whatever import tax you pay, it still a good value and will work decently plugged straight into the Clevo.Later on you can always get a USB-DAC-amp, like the FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla.
 The X3K can provide the same USB/DAC/amp function with the laptop, as the E17/E17KThe X3K should provide better audio quality, then a smartphone and using the X3K as your portable audio source means you cell phone battery charge lasts longer.
 The cups of the HD558 is covered with tiny air holes, the Pro 80s do not have air holes.The HD558 come with a black rubber tape on the insides of the cups that covers about 40% of the air holes.If you remove the black rubber tape from the cups, the HD558 do sound somewhat more like the HD598.(and the HD558/HD598 do use the same 50-Ohm drivers) The HD558/HD598 come with a 1/4" plug at the end of the cable :(I bought this aftermarket cable for my HD558 that comes with a...
 Maybe you should be asking why there other ones cost more?Somebody might be buying the HSR-1000 in bulk, at the source in China and shipping them directly to their retail operation here in the USA, bypassing the wholesalers. I paid about $65 for my Gemini HSR-1000, great headphones for $65, even better when they cost $44.99.
 I would to pass on the Creative X7 and get some self powered speakers Monoprice 5" studio monitors, $170 If you need something for gaming or surround sound.Get the Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card (used, $60-$70)separate line-output for the speakers and amplified headphone jack.  
 The New FiiO X3K should be out really soon, might be a better choice as it can be used as a portable audio/music player, but also can be connected to a computer (like a laptop).
 "Common USB plug can be used from any cell phone to connect with laptop"?You thinking the E17/E17K can be used to connect a cell phone to a laptop?   
 It might be better (and cheaper) to just do some mods (different ear pads?) on the Q701Try asking here.
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