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 I would say to get a FiiO E10K ($76) or Schiit Fulla ($79), their DAC chips and headphone amplifiers should be better then what your laptop has.They are both newer designs then the E07K.Unless you have a need for the E07K's features?
 I've been using the Monoprice 5" studio monitors for the past year, I'm content with their audio quality.As they look just like and share a lot of the same specs as the M-Audio BX5, I'm guessing Monoprice went to the same factory (in China) where M-Audio has their BX5s are made and Monoprice just did some minor changes and put their name on it.Someone said they think the Monoprice 5" are based on the older BX5a, not the newer BX5 D2.I'm guessing if someone wanted...
 You have the Gemini HSR-1000 and Takstar Pro 80s?I've always assumed they are the same headphones, just with different labeling? Anyway, the original Magni should be able to drive your headphones
 The Denon AVR-3312ci should be able to drive 600-Ohm headphones.I know my Yamaha RX-V671 can drive my DT880 600-Ohm and DT990 600-Ohm and my Yamaha cost less and has less powerful amplifiers, then the AVR-3312ci.
 AV123 Rockets, I use to try reading up everything I could about that company (AV123) and it's "troubles", heard the guy that had been running the company is out of jail and working to repay everyone he ripped off, hopefully in 50 or 60 years he will make a dent in the amount he owns them.How do you like the Rockets?
This headphone seems to be a relabeled Takstar Pro 80 Gemini HSR-1000, $45.
 The PCM2704 is a very decent DAC chip, guess it's not very marketable as it's only 16-bit/44.1.But CD audio is 16-bit/44.1K, so it's good enough for music.You might consider to just get a basic tube amplifier with pre-outputs.
Might depend on what headphones your planning on using with the Schiit headphone amplifier?
 Maybe a TubeMagic D2 DAC?
 My 60-Ohm headphones worked with my Clip Zip, but would not go any higher.Assuming the Clip + and Clip Zip are about roughly equal for driving headphones. What is your budget for headphones?
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