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 It might help to know the make and model of your motherboard?Otherwise the Asus DG/DGX sound cards ($20-$40) or Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card ($60-$80) would be the best values.With your headphones, the most I would say to spend is the $20-$40 for the DG or DGX.If your motherboard's on-board audio is decent, then maybe do not spend any on an add-on sound card.
 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card.Takstar Pro 80 (Gemini HSR-1000) headphones.
 I own the Gemini HSR-1000.Someone makes the Takstar/Gemini headphones, then sell them to different wholesalers, each wholesaler get there own name and model number, but they are all the same headphone. The HD558 is different, then HD558 has a very clean sound, but not a lot of life to the sound.It's like your sitting at a music concert and the audience is very quite, but your sitting more towards the back.takstar/Gemini has more bass and in general a good sound.
 Amazon and eBay have some good deals on used HD558s.I had good luck ordering used($300) headphones from Amazon (Amazon direct, not third party). Here is an aftermarket cable for the HD558 (& HD518/HD598), $18-$26.Comes with the 3.5mm (1/8") plug and can be order in one of five lengths (1.2m to 3.0m)(the stock cable comes with the 6.35mm (1/4") plug)I made the mistake of ordering the 1.2 meter length, too short for my...
I'm number #1949 on the Massdrop KXX and have not even received a tracking number. They processed my payment 49 days ago.
 With the NFB-15, each WM8741 DAC chip processes one audio channel.So the two DAC chips are working in parallel.I guess each WM8741 could process two audio channel, on it's own.But by just sending one audio channel thru each WM8741, the SNR is higher (as best my knowledge). Normally computer audio pass thru the on-board (or internal add-on) sound card, being able to use the cards feature like headphone surround sound, the EQ, the mixer, smart volume, etc.The sound card can...
 I gave my HD681 EVO to my nephews because it gripped a little too tightly, hurt my jaw.Where do you live that the Sennheiser HD558 is $160?Any chance you have access to Takstar Pro 80s (Gemini HSR-1000) headphones.Good sound and they should be around half the price of the HD558s.
Both the SB-Z and E10K will help with audio quality. The SB-Z comes with features that might be helpful with gaming (like FPS). The E10Z offers zero gaming features, but is easy to use, as you just plug it in and windows automatically makes it the default sound device.
 When you use an external headphone amplifier connected to the analog RCA outputs on the receiver, your bypassing Silent Cinema, Yamaha's own headphone surround sound technology.Good luck, sometimes it can be a little difficult getting an external headphone amplifier, to work off the RCA outputs of a receiver.
 The Asus STX and ST and STX II and SB-ZxR all use the same TI 6120A2 headphone amplifier chip.So I doubt much of a difference between them.
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