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The LM4652 & LME49720NA op-amp used in the STX/STX II buffer slot is the same as LME49860NA op-amp. The LME49860NA is considered a cherry pick of the LME49720NA, guess the LME49860NA has a better voltage range?   Getting three LME49860NA is a low cost way of trying to improve the audio quality of the Essence STX/STX II sound card.
 I own both the DT990 Pro 250-Ohm and DT990 Premium 600-Ohm headphones.To me the 600-Ohm offers better bass control :) Better off keeping the 600-Ohm version and buying something like a Bravo Ocean tube (hybrid) headphone amplifier.Connect the add-on headphone amplifier to the E10K's 3.5mm line-output jack. Sometime you can find a good deal on a used Bravo Ocean.
 Hopefully you disabled the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the Ti-HD (Titanium-HD) sound card.There is a small chance that active on-board audio might effect an add-on internal sound card (small chance). You could run an analog audio signal, from the Ti-HD's line-output (RCA) jacks, into a sub-woofer's line-input.Then connect an external headphone amplifier, to the sub-woofer's line-output.But I'm guessing you only going to get a crude audio...
 I would think if your headphones had suffered damage, it would show up more then just in the mid range.
Soundmagic HP200 headphones.
The HD598 have bass, just not a lot of bass.   Check out the Soundmagic HP200 headphones.
 Not against you getting an external DAC/amp.Just think it would be wiser to spend not more then $100, for a DAC/amp (or sound card)And spend the rest of your audio budget for better studio monitors. External DAC/amp for under $100.FiiO E10K or Q1
 Assuming this is some Yamaha stereo speaker amplifier or Yamaha receiver?Generally stereo speaker amplifiers and receivers and A/V receiver's headphone jacks come with a high output impedance (200-Ohm or 300-Ohm or 400-Ohm, etc).So if you have headphones in the 250-Ohm to 600-Ohm range, it's not a big deal. Older AKG K240M monitor headphones are 600-Ohm and very cheap. If you give us more details about what your trying to get to setup audio wise, we might be able to give...
 Might help to know what source your going to hook stuff up to?Assume your looking at getting headphones?Is this audio setup more for music or gaming or movies?
 I think $300 USB cables or for those that spend tens of thousands of dollars on audio.Most I would pay for a DAC/amp is around $300.
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