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I already own about 20 headphones (and most still in operational condition). And I just ordered the KXX a few hours ago, hopefully they will ship before February.   I would think AKG would built and ship out the KXX as fast as possible, as it would be cheapest to build them in one big batch.
 I just recently picked up some used ATH-ESW9 off eBay and they sound great.How do you like the ATH-WS99s?
 An Astro mix-amp is great for gaming consoles.But it's about equal to the $25 PC sound card.Sell the mix-amp and use the cash to buy a sound cardSound Blaster Z sound card ($60-$80) has a more powerful headphone amplifier then the Mix-amp. Do you know the make and model of your motherboard?
 add-on DAC/amp will improve the audio quality of the sound.I guess the point I was trying to make is the O2 may output more amplifier power then the E10K, but it should not really make a (noticeable?) difference when it comes to driving low impedance headphones, over the E10K.The ODAC's Sabre DAC chip should offer more detail then the E10K's PCM5102 DAC chip.But the ODAC/O2 combo ($280) does cost way more then an E10K ($75).If you had a lot of 24-bit/96k FLAC music files,...
 The impedance issue is not really the same as amplifying.Very basically, I guess you could say impedance is how well the power is handled, where as amplification is basically how much power is added. True the Audio Technica ATH-AD700 do not need a lot of power an usually sound good no matter what they are plugged into.(I own the ATH-AD700, ATH-A900X, ATH-W1000X). I suspect the Gigabyte Z87 UD4H's built in audio hardware is better at driving headphones then the Xonar...
 You might consider getting a FiiO X1 digital audio player for your portable music listing and a separate DAC for use with any home audio (receiver)
 Even without an add-on headphone amplifier, the AKG KXX should sound fairly good plugged into the Astro Mix-amp.You could get a FiiO E11K headphone amplifier, $60, and daisy chain it off the Mix-amp.Is the Astro Mix-amp being used with a gaming console or a PC computer?
 I would think the ATH-M50x's big bass is not desirable for being a "monitor" headphone (monitors being for music production).But the ATH-m50x's does an nice job if you like a lot of bass while just listing to music.
 Hopefully you disabled the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the Xonar D1 sound card. FiiO E11K headphone amplifier, $60, can easily drive the 50-Ohm HD558 headphones and the E11K comes with a bass boost.In general the HD558 have a lighter bass and there is not a whole lot you can do to make anything more then a minor increase.Anything more and you just end up with a bloated (louder, less detailed) bass. You could also replace the Xonar D1 with...
 The FiiO E10K has way more then enough power to drive the 32-Ohm Sony XBA-25 or the 37-Ohm Audio Technica ATH-WS99.
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