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You might need to rephrase to make clear what is your question and what statement of facts your saying. "Mac mini provides superior sound quality even with a external DAC", not sure that that statement really means?   I'm guessing you have been getting weird statements of facts from sources that may not know what they are talking about.
 Would the DAC/amp need to be portable or are you normally using the laptop in the same place?
 A game would not use bitstream/encoded audio for normal game play, gaming audio would be created (in PCM) as the game is being played.Yes, people do have choice and you asked for examples of when there is 5.1 PCM, so people might choice to set there audio to PCM output.
 Any computer game set to 5.1 speaker output.Any disk movie playing from a computer's built in DVD drive and the software used for playing the movie is set to PCM/LPCM output.Any music disk (with 5.1 surround sound) playing from a computer's built in DVD drive and the software used for playing the (5.1) music is set to PCM/LPCM output.
 I believe "Home Cinema" setting will work well with a sound card that come with Dolby,sound cards with the C-Media audio processors, like a lot of the Asus sound cards that come with Dolby Headphone.
 The average consumer does encoded audio, from a 6-channel source, on their PC every time they have 5.1 PCM audio on their computer and want to send it out thru S/PDIF, to lets say their A/V receiver.No sure i said anything about creating audio "sound tracks" themselves.
 Did some reading.S/PDIF has been passing encoded (bitstream?)/compressed audio files that have more then 6-channles (5.1), like 6.1 or 7.1But we as normal consumers seem to be limited to 5.1 for creating are own encoded/compressed digital audio files, for passing thru S/PDIF like when we buy sound cards (add-on or on-board) for use on out computers.So for the Thread Starter to use S/PDIF and 7.1, he can only use content that has been pre-encoded to 7.1, which I'm assuming...
 I'm not the expert.But I guess it's fairly safe to say a graphics card can cause noise issues with an internal sound card.The more graphics cards inside a case, the more possibility (chance?) of there being a noise issue.Is your single graphics card causing the noise issue?  Have no idea. Could the computer power supply being causing the noise issue?
 Assume the Sennheiser GSX 1000 is being used with a computer and the FiiO A5 is being used with a smartphone?
What DAC/amp or sound card will you be plugging the headphones into?
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