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Technically the Titanium sound card should give (if any) the 120-Ohm K612 Pro a slightly bloated bass (louder, less detail).Giving headphones a lot of bass is easy, getting a quality bass costs more money.
 I own the HD558s, they which use the same drivers as the HD598.Sennheiser add black rubber tape to the insides of the HD558 cups, it covers around 40% of the airholes.I'm guessing it makes the HD558 more bassy and less like the HD598.So removing the black rubber tape should make the HD558 sound almost as good as the HD598You can buy a used HD558 for $96 and a new HD558 for $123.Which would leave you with around $125 to $150 leftover for an amp (or DAC/amp) The HD558 has a...
 The C7030 does come with S/PDIF (optical & coaxial) outputs that you can connect an external DAC to.But i'm thinking a decent quality external DAC with S/PDIF input is going to cost you more money then you would want to spend.Maverick Audio D2 external DAC, $250. On EBay there are several lower costing external DAC with S/PDIF input (no-name Made in China),But not sure how much you would have to spend ($105?) to make a noticeable difference compared to the C7030 built in...
 Might help to know what sources the headphones are going to be used with?Is this for on the move or in public or just sitting around?Do you prefer laided back detailed sound or a loud fiesta in your face type listening?
Getting the Essence STX is a waste of cash for use with the Bifrost & Z906.You can get an Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card (used off EBay), it uses the same C-media CMI-8788 audio processor.Connect the Bifrost to the DX/D1's optical output and the Z906 to the DX'D1's analog speaker output.
 The O2 (Objective 2) headphone amplifier has an output impedance of less the 1-Ohms.Which is desirable for 40-Ohm headphones like the A900Xs.I can use my O2 to drive headphones from 32-Ohm to 600-Ohm.
The Xonar DGX is a great budget sound card and can easily drive the ATH-A900X headphones.Remember to disable your motherboard's on-board audio (in the BIOS) before installing an add-on sound card in your PC.Also might try the third party drivers, the "Unified Xonar Drivers". Not sure on the Little Dot 1+
Black (and white) are for the ground signal (negative), so the black connectors on the amp and speakers are for the ground signal.Colors (like Red) are for the positive signal connection.So connect ground to ground and positive to positive.Speakers wires usually come with a color strip (could be any color) on one of the two wires. so you know signal which is going thru which wire.Sometimes speaker wire comes in two colors, gold color (copper) for the positive and silver...
 I got the ATH-W1000X about a month ago :)Should not be a problem with setting the Xonar DGX's gain to >64-Ohm, for use with the W1000X. Make sure you motherboard's on-board audio is disabled, in the BIOS.Might also consider trying the "Unified Xonar Drivers".(Delete the Asus drivers before installing the Unified Drivers) Hopefully your using a program like Foobar2000, for playing audio (music) files.
 I do prefer the Samson SR850 a little more then the Superlux HD668B.(Samson SR850 is made by Superlux).There is also the Superlux HD681 EVO.AKG K240/241/270/271 Velour ear pads make a nice upgrade to the Samson or Superlux headphones.
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