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 I'm more likely to use my DT990s, over my DT770.
 Schiit Modi optical DAC, $100.I'm assuming this is for speakers and your not using headphones?
 Check out the HyperX Cloud headphone.Qped sell the same headphone under their name.
 Do you have both the Sound Blaster Z and Asus Xonar D2 installed in the computer at the same time?Is the motherboard's on-board audio enable or disabled? (in the BIOS).Is the O2 connected to the SB-Z's headphone output or line-output (front speaker) jack?
 Check out the Monoprice 5" studio monitors, $171(they seem to be rebranded M-Audio BX5s)
 I can get the generic ear pads for the ESW9 off eBay for $10.But what is the cost for original Audio Technica (lamb skin) ear pads?
 I agree with getting the Sound Blaster Z sound card, which comes with SBX headphone surround sound,but I'm fairly sure it does not come with the older (but with respect) EAX audio. SB-Z (retail box), $82.99.
 The Asus Xonar U7 should be able to drive 150-Ohm (Game Zero) headphones.
 I'm assuming your currently using the motherboard's on-board audio.Why not just plug the HD595 straight into the motherboard's headphone (front speaker) output.Or plug the Magni into the motherboard and the HD595 into the Magni.
What is the condition of the ear pads?
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