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I would assume when a Blu-ray player decodes the disk's audio tracks (6 or 8 channels) and downsamples then into just two channels, it's stereo audio, not Dolby Headphone or "Dolby" stereo, just basic 2-channels of PCM audio. The Blu-ray player could bitstream, send the encoded audio tracks (up to 6-channels) straight from the disk directly to the S/PDIF (optical or coaxial).But an external DAC would not normally have a way of decoding bitstream audio, so could not get...
 The JBL LSR305 offers un-balanced input (as well as balanced input).Most consumer audio products use an un-balanced connection.So you can run a cable (3.5mm stereo plug to dual mono 1/4" plug) from the motherboard's on-board audio, to the studio monitors (LSR305).The JBL LSR305 can also work with gaming consoles (PS4) or even be connected to a TV.Might(?) have to spend up to $60 for an external DAC, for the PS4 or TV hook up. You also might consider getting a Sound...
 I doubt the SB-X7 would offer better headphone surround sound, then the SB-Z Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the SB-Z card.There is a small chance active on-board might have a negative effect on an add-on internal sound card. If setting the volume to 67% works best, might as well just leave it that way,
 Beyerdynamic T70.Currently there are a lot of good deals on used ones for sale.I would guess the T70p (32-Ohm) would work fairly decently plugged directly into the Sony NW-ZX2.But if you prefer using the Aune B1 amp, might as well get the 250-ohm (t70) version.
 A DAC is a simple device (or function) that converters a digital audio signal to an analog audio signal.A DAC is one of many functions built into the DAP L3 (and any other DAP).The DAP would not function without a built in DAC feature. Some DAPs can provide the same function, as a simple DAC (digital in / analog line-out)So you could use the LP3 as a DAC and plug an external amplifier (headphone or speaker) into the LP3's line-output jack.but normally a DAP's DAC function...
 A Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card should offer a better DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) function and a more powerful headphone amplifier.Then whatever is built into your motherboard.(find a used SB-Z on on eBay). Also check out the Soundmagic HP150 headphones.
 Even the thin wire should have given you sound.But as long as the newer wire is doing the job, cool.
Selling off the receiver sounds good to me, a better dedicated headphone amplifier will give you a lot more headphone choices, over using the receiver, to drive headphones. It fairly easy to connect an external DAC, with an optical input, to the optical output jack on the Blu-ray player (PS3) or TV.And connect a headphone amplifier to the external DAC.Or get an all in one DAC/amp.Here is a Hifimediy unit for...
As your 30-Ohm Philips Fidelio X2 should easily been driven by the Magni, can't see a need to buy a more powerful headphone amplifier. Source > Emotiva Ego (line-output) > Magni > Fidelio X2.
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