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 The Pro 80s are not really exactly what your looking for,but it might be hard to find headphone that match exactly what you are looking for.The Takstar Pro 80s just offer good sound quality, for the price ($80).If your willing to spend your $150 (or more) for headphones, you might find something with the features your looking for.
 I've found that some people like having a volume knob at their finger tipsAnd a Xonar DX/D1 used with an external headphone amplifier makes sense, the Xonar DX/D1 has a 100-Ohm output impedance, so the DX/D1 is not that great for driving low impedance headphones.And the Schiit Magni (or other external amp) is something that can be used with more then just a Win PC.
 To me the Dt880 sounds better (personal preference), plus open headphones usually offer better surround sound.But if you need closed headphones, get the DT770s.
For the price, the Takstar Pro 80 to me is the best, in it's price range ($80). And if Sony put their name on it, it might sell for $150.
Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open headphones, $190. The AD900Xs are only 40-Ohms, very easy to drive.   Fiio E10K external USB/DAC/Amp, $75.
 If your music audio files come from a 16-bit/44.1k source (music CD), then setting the DAC to 48k. 96k or 192k will not change anything.
 So how is it sounding to your ears?
Any detailed reviews on the insides of the Monoprice 11567 DAC/Amp?
 A Sound Blaster Z sound card ($84) is the best value for gaming and driving your 250-Ohm headphones (and fairly good audio quality)For something offering  a little better audio quality, a used Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card...
 Your comparing well broken in Philips SHP2700 to brand new AKG K612 Pros(the SHP2700 are surprisingly good for low cost headphones).So the K612s might need a little break in time to improve (if you believe in headphone break in)I would assume the Supreme FX III built in audio hardware is not the what could bring out the best in the K612sWhat is the make and model of your motherboard?The Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card (SB1500), which sells for $83.99, might...
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