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 I'm guessing the E07K will not be able to use it's DAC feature with the Sansa clip+ or LG G2.Might as well just get the FiiO E11K amplifier.
 As not everyone owns every headphone/DAC/amp combo possible, it might be a little "gray area" to say for sure what works well with what.I do not own any Schiit products or the FiiO E10K, so I can't say 100% for sure what will sound better then the other.Having an external DAC and external headphone amplifier, each in their own case (like the Schiit), is technically the best for audio quality.But for headphones like the ATH-AD700s, can't see you really need to spend more...
 My $550 40-Ohm ATH-W1000X headphones can easily be driven by the $75 E10K.Technically the E10K should be able to drive 250-Ohm headphones.I found my 250-Ohm headphones are better for use with my Yamaha receiverThe extra cash you would spend buying the Schiit stack (Modi/Magni) could instead go for higher priced Audio Technica 40-Ohm headphones.
Personally I would not try to use a mix-amp with a stand alone Blu-ray player. The mix-amp is best for use with a gaming console. What do you plug your Blu-ray player into?
 There is the cable and can be ordered in one of several lengths, I had ordered the 1.2m version and it was a little too short for my desktop use.This custom cable sounded fine to me, go for it. believe that the missing "third connector" is not used normally for stereo headphone use, I'm guessing the same 2.5mm jack connector is also used for the headphone with...
Have you updated to the latest software for your Realtek ALC1150 on-board audio?
 If this is for portable use, I would say to get the FiiO X3, everything you need in one small device.
 You should really pay more for headphones then the DAC/Amp used with them.The ATH-AD700 can easily be driven by my $27 FiiO E6, so the Schiit Magni amp is almost overkill.I would think the E10K is good enough.
I was able to test a pre-production FiiO X1 a few weeks back, it did sound nice.
 As you use the term "gaming sound card", I'm assuming one of your main uses of it is for PC gaming.If your into FPS gaming, I would say to get the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card, $84.Technically I would think the E10k would be a better choice if you where more into music.But the SB-Z comes with headphone surround sound features, the E10K does not.
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