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 Audio-GD NFB-15, external DAC & amplifier, $270 + shipping ($45?).Dual WM8741 DAC chips:)USB, optical & coaxial inputs:) use the slightly older version, the NFB-15.32)
 I own the AKG K550 and AKG K7XX.I'm fairly sure most would take the Q701 over the K550, the K550 do have good sound quality, maybe a touch on the boring side.I would say the AKG K7XX would be better then the K550 or Q701.Headphones like the Q701 and K7XX need to be used with a decent headphone amplifier to sound their best.(the K550 work fine without a dedicated amp)
 300-Ohm headphones like the HD600s usually sound their best when decently amped.How much would you be willing to budget for an amplifier (or DAC/amplifier)? For headphones a little better priced, Audio Technica ATH-AD900X open headphones, $170.Guess the Philips Fidelio series seems well liked ($250-$300?).
 So, what country are you located? Is this computer audio setup just for music? or also gaming? and movies? The LCD X headphones are only 20-Ohms, so the E11K should easily be able to drive the headphones.My older less powerful E11 can easily drive my 250-Ohm headphones. Low costing external DAC or sound card for use with the PC and E11K.Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card, CS4398 DAC chip :)Hifimediy USB DAC, $57 + shipping ($10?)Schiit Modi DAC (optical or USB), $99 + shipping
 The STX comes with a nice PCM1792A DAC chip, which means you might have to spend more then you would like for a USB DAC to match it's audio quality.So I say to get the EPH-02 headphone amplifier, 78 GBP (107 Euros) and plug it into the STX and the HD650 into the EPH-02 Then order the HD558 or ATH-AD700 or ATH-AD700X (124 Euros) or even the ATH-AD900X (158 Euros) and plug...
 Is it my personal opinion, sure.
 USB will bypass all the sound card features, like Dolby Headphone surround sound, which might help in some games.But if you really want to go USB, then the FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla will do the job.But chances are you would need to disconnect the USB device for the Essence STX to function.As USB automatically because the default audio device while plugged in. If you got a FiiO E17 (used is fine) you could connect it to the STX's S/PDIF (optical & coaxial) port.And the...
"Would it be possible for me instead of using the RCA jacks to plug the headphones into the speaker port"So do you currently have speakers connected to the STX RCA line-output jacks?
 Hopefully you disabled the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS? before you installed the Essence STX.You can also try the Unified Xonar Drivers much are you willing to spend to improve your audio situation?The Sennheiser HD650 should have you covered for music and movies, so all you really need are headphones that are good for FPS gaming?You could get an external headphone amplifier and connect it to the RCA jacks...
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card, $79.99   Might find a lower priced used on eBay.
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