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Audio Technica ATH-ESW9 wired headphones. Get the iPhone adapter (Lightning to 3.5mm)
 I do prefer the sound of the DT990, over the DT770.The DT990 have a strong bass/treble which over shadows the mids, but the mids are clear.I do prefer my Soundmagic HP200 semi-open headphones, over the DT990. What DAC/amp or sound card do you currently plug your headphones into?
 What is the make ans model of your sound card?
My first tube rolling with the 336SE, sounds good, but I liked the glow pattern of the stock tubes better.
 If your going to get 300-Ohm Sennheiser HD600, you might look into getting a tube headphone amplifier, use the E10K as the DAC.
 My Sennheiser HD558 headphones are the oldest headphones I have that i still like to use.It's the only headphone i have that can work well plugged into an mp3 player, my computer and also into my Yamaha receiver.The HD558 is only 50-Ohm, but it's the only lower impedance headphone I have that still works decently plugged into my receiver's high impedance headphone jack.So I guess Sennheiser really knows how to design a good headphone.
 Really need to know a budget before recommending an upgrade from the HD598SE.I would think a Soundmagic HP200 semi-open headphone ($150) would give a more lively sound, then the HD598SE.
Darkvoice 336SE tube headphone amplifier.
Not sure what problem your trying to solve?
 Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the SB-Z card?In the control panel, in the Sound sub-section, in the Playback tab, what is the default audio device?
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