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 DT880, balanced sound, slightly on the bright side.Nedes to be used with a decent headphone amplifier.
 I've used a Schiit Fulla to drive 250-Ohm Beyer headphones and it did it with power to spare.But I was going to suggest you get headphones that are easier to drive, then the 250-Ohm DT880.Like 32-Ohm Soundmagic HP200 headphones.
 You might be able to find a used FiiO X3 Gen II, with in your budget.It can be used as external DAC/amp, with a computer or as a standalone DAP (Digital Audio Player).
Where are you located?   Get a Schiit Fulla USB/DAC/amp ($90 USD) and spend the rest of your audio budget for headphones.
Soundmagic HP 200 (semi-open?) headphones.
 Is this for a desktop or laptop or PC or Mac or DAP or smart phone or other?
Any chance you have access to the Soundmagic HP200 or HP150 headphone?
 The Q1 is a lot like the E10K (like same DAC chip), the Q1 is a later design, then the E10K. The Schiit Fulla, might put a little more "life" into the audio, over the Q1/E10k Guess you can try both Foorbar2000 (with WASAPI) and Musicbee, see which you like better.
I ordered a Xduoo X3 a month ago, from China, and it still has not arrived. If it does not arrive this week, I'll buy yours.   I'm also located in the Bay Area.
For your budget, I would be looking at replacing the DT990 headphones. But as the DT990 already offer a lot of bass, not sure what headphones would offer even more bass.   Replacing the E10K with a Schiit Fulla might offer a little more "life" in your audio. Or plugging a Bravo Ocean hybrid headphone amplifier, into the E10K's line-output.
New Posts  All Forums: