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 I would think the FiiO E10K would do the job for you.Connect the E10K's line-output jack to the analog audio inputs on the old amplifier.Plug your headphones into the E10K's headphone jack. There are also these DACs from Hifimediy (something in the $29-$57 range). Even the $14.29 ELE EL-D01 USB DAC might improve audio...
 They (Massdrop) charged my card on Dec 2nd and the AKG KXXs where expected to ship out before Christmas.I'm number 1944 out of the first 2000 batch.Could be Massdrop was having issues with enough of the first batch that they ran out of "good" headphone, before getting to me
I would say to wipe the netbook's hard drive and install a fresh copy of the OS.
 You can connect just about any external headphone amplifier to the line-output (RCAs) on the STX.The STX can not send it's Dolby Headphone surround sound thru the RCA jacks, but if this setup is mostly for music, then no problems there. Hopefully you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS.As sometimes on-board causes issues with an add-on sound card.
 I ordered the AKG KXX (I'm #1944) and Massdrop processed my payment on Dec 2nd.It's now 52 days latter and I have not even received a track number (so nothing shipped).
Looks like one possible audio setup. The HD598 is going for a good price.
Is the Modi DAC a USB or an optical input DAC? If it's USB, then it would be bypassing the sound card features, like the X-Fi. Hopefully it's an optical Modi?   If it's USB, it's still fine, as you only seem to be into music, so X-Fi is not needed.   Have you checked out the Audio-GD NFB-15 external DAC/ amp, $270+shipping ($45?). (As the NFB-15 already comes with dual DAC chips, you could sell off the...
 From my understanding the HD600 improve with the more powerful the headphone amplifier.So the E10K might not make a big noticeable difference. I would say to hold off until your ready to spend over $200 for an external DAC/Amp for the HD600.Like the Schiit Modi/Magni DAC/amp ($198+tax+shipping). Maybe a Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card (used $140). Might try reading up and asking questions on this thread.
 The FiiO E10K or Schiit Fulla would seem to be good options for your budget.The AD900X works fine without an amplifier....... but a headphone amplifier with a really low output impedance should help bring out the best in the AD900XAnd the E10K has a really low output impedance :)I would assume the Schiit Fulla also has a low output impedance. Also as the DAC/amps are external, they would not pick up any electrical noise that might be in the computer case.
 It might help to know the make and model of your motherboard?Otherwise the Asus DG/DGX sound cards ($20-$40) or Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card ($60-$80) would be the best values.With your headphones, the most I would say to spend is the $20-$40 for the DG or DGX.If your motherboard's on-board audio is decent, then maybe do not spend any on an add-on sound card.
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