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 I would assume so.The refurbs usually come with a 12 or 18 month warranty, from the factory.I've been watching that site for months, looking to upgrade from my Yamaha RX-V671 receiver.But so far have not been able to justify enough to myself, for what might be minimal upgrade, for a reasonable price. Check their listing on reseller ratings.http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Accessories_4_Less
 The Ti-HD's headphone jack is decent,but has a 35-Ohm output impedance :( Where as the Ti-HD's line-output (RCA) takes advantage of the Ti-HD's two 49710 op-amps.And most external headphone amplifiers have a way lower output impedance, then 35-Ohms.So audio quality, using the external amplifier, should be better (at least slightly) then plugging headphones directly into the Ti-HD's headphone jack.CMSS-3D headphone surround sound, should be equal, either using the Ti-HD...
 Xduoo X3, might about the best value going.It's what I've been considering.
What is the make and model of the headphone amplifier?   For under $100 and for FPS gaming, the Sound Blaster Z card is a good choice.   For gaming plug the headphones directly into the SB-Z's headphone jack. For music audio, connect the headphone amplifier to the SB-Z's front speaker jack and plug headphone into external head amp.
Did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS, when you installed the X-Fi Titanium sound card?   Titanium-HD and Titanium (non-HD) will use the same Creative software, so any software issues you currently have will be the same with the Titanium-HD.   It's usually best to connect a decent quality headphone amplifier, to the Titanium-HD's line-output (RCA) jacks, for best headphone sound quality. (The Titanium-HD can send CMSS-3D headphone surround...
 Guess(?) the Creative T40s are your best choice. What country are you in?
 If all your listening to is mp3 or FLAC files or Internet video or watching DVD movies, then setting the audio to 24-bit/48K will be fine. Just remember Cyberlinks PowerDVD software is limited to 16-bit/48K, for Blu-ray, so setting audio to 24-bit/48K will be also be fine for Blu-ray movies. I really doubt you have any audio that is 384,000K, so can't see any reason for using the 384,000K setting.
The cables would run from the DAC, to the LSR310s, then to the LSR305. The DAC to LSR310s to LSR305 can be connected using a balanced connection or an un-balanced connection. So you can use a DAC with a balanced output or with an unbalanced output.   Using the sub-woofer (LSR310s) does not really add any complications to the cable connections.
 Currently the price on the HP200 is $149.Which is the lowest I've ever seen them, for new.Sold by the Audio Equipment store, thru Amazon and eBay.http://www.ebay.com/itm/201621540056?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIThttps://www.amazon.com/SoundMAGIC-HP200-Premium-Folding-Headphones/dp/B00DJ61FHY
Soundmagic HP150 (closed) headphones or HP200 (open) headphones.
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