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Guess you need to send your HD650 to a qualified headphone repair technician. Sorry about your wallet.
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 While the Superlux HD660 offers good audio quality for the price.It has a strong clamp, I had to replace the stock pads with used Beyerdynamic EDT770 V to improve comfort.Also the coiled cable is very stiff, does not like to be stretched out too much. I would try and talk you into the Takstar pro 80 (Gemini HSR-1000) headphones.But currently only comes with the version with a built in mic, sold under names like Kingston HyperX Cloud
 A Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card is a good value for trying to improve audio quality (speaker & headphone), over most motherboard's on-board audio.And can decently drive the 250-Ohm Beyer T90 headphones. Senneiser HD600/HD650/HD6XX headphones might be something you would want to use with a decent tube headphone amplifier.
 Buy the a used T90 of Amazon, guess you would have a 30 return window.Might even have a limited manufacturer warranty. 
 If your big on clarity, check out the Beyerdynamic T90 (250-Ohm) headphones.Buy used off eBay.
 The DT990 Pro 250-Ohm is loaded with bass, maybe more then the DT770.
What is the over all budget for the headphones/dac/amp? Can we assume this audio setup is for a computer as the source?
 Use both the SB-Zx's headphone jack, for gaming and the external amp for music, sure. How much the external amp will improve music audio is just not something I can say for sure.
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