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 Just trying to offer what i think is the best lower costing value setup.For headphone surround sound gaming with a gaming console.
 Soundmagic HP150 (closed) headphones.FiiO Q1 might be a little cheaper, then the E10K.
Might try reading up and asking on this thread. http://www.head-fi.org/t/538255/sennheiser-hd-600-impressions-thread My guess most HD600 owners will recommend something more powerful then the E10K, for driving the 300-Ohm HD600.   Check out the 32-Ohm Soundmagic HP200 headphones
DT770 80-Ohm really needs to be used with a dedicated headphone amplifier, to sound their best. Check out the Soundmagic HP150 headphones
 The A3 (E11K) is amplifier only, no DAC function.It uses USB for power only. You would run a cable from your X-Fi's RCA (Left/Right) jacks to the 3.5mm line-input on the A3, for the audio signal.But connect a USB cable from your computer's USB port, to the USB port on the A3, for power.The A3 also comes with a built in battery, so it can also be used as a portable headphone amplifier.
 A FiiO A3 (E11K) headphone amplifier ($60) would work well with both headphones.Should be a better headphone amplifier, then whatever is built into the X-Fi.
 I would rather use the Creative SB-Z card, over just about any on-board audio.The SB-Z comes with the CS4398 DAC chip, which should be better then what is on 95% of the motherboard out there.
 If your looking to spend.Maybe check out the Adams Audio studio monitors? Or for something just under your lower budget, Emotiva studio monitors
 Guess your motherboard comes with the Realtek ALC1150 audio processor.Uses a built in DAC function. $100 external sound card, might be an improvement.Ones that come with a dedicated DAC chip.
 Output impedance is more so for the quality of sound.In more extreme cases, it will effect loudness (or lack of loudness. Voltage is what makes loudness.Sensitivity rating of the headphones also effects the amount of power needed. I guess current is also a factor, which is something I'm not well informed on.
New Posts  All Forums: