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 It seems they can make some really good sounding 128k mp3s nowadays.I made some 96k mp3 from a video music source and they sound surprising good. What hardware and sources do you play your mp3s from?
 FiiO E10K ($76 USA), USB-DAC-amp, no mute switch, but other wise does everything else for you.
2.0 speakers, studio monitors priced in pairs. Monoprice 5" studio monitors, $171 JBL LSR305, $265 Emotiva Airmotiv 5s, $350
External DAC/headphone amplifier Audio-GD NFB-15, $270 + shipping ($45?) Audio-GD NFB-11, $365 + shipping ($45)   Headphones Audio Technica ATH-W1000X Used $325 New $444
 How about good DAC chips cost a few dollars more then a horrendous DAC?
 Maybe a FiiO X3K or X5 digital audio player, they are portable, the X3K can be connected to a computer (Mac or PC) and used as an external DAC/amp (assuming the X5 is the same).Leave your iPhone in your pocket.
 External USB sound card do have built in headphone amplifiers, maybe not award winning headphone amplifier, more like something very basic.If you stick to headphones in the 32-Ohm to 60-Ohm range (maybe up 150-Ohms), should not have any "amplifier" issues.A USB DAC/amp, like the FiiO E10K ($76) or Schiit Fulla ($79), should offer a better DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and better quality (and more powerful) headphone amplifier.So music might (should?) sound better with...
 Your HD518 should have sounded about the best it can, plugged into a Schiit stack, why it sounded horrible I'm not sure why?Maybe the Schiit hardware was defective?Or there was an issue with whatever source the Schiit stack was plugged into?Maybe even defective cables? The HD518, HD558, HD598 all use the same 50-Ohm driver.I believe the implementation of the driver in the HD518 is to give it more bass, I'm guessing at the sacrifice of mids and treble.Where as the HD598...
 What is wrong with just plugging the 300-Ohm HD650s directly into the receiver's headphone jack?What is the make and model of the receiver?
Gemini HSR-1000, $45.
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