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Are you Emma Roberts or Emma Stone or Emma Watson?
 Sending up to 6-channels (5.1) of digital audio thru S/PDIF (optical or coaxial) is a feature (encoding/compression) of DDL (Dolby Digital Live) or DTS-Connect.DDL & DTS-Connect are features that usually come with a sound card (built in or add-on), not a PC game.All the PC game has to do is output the 6-channels of audio.So if you set a PC game's audio setting to Speaker 5.1 (6-channels) output, then DDL/DTS-Connect does the rest.But you have to have the matching feature...
 Not sure why anyone would say the AKG K701/K702 are oriented for studio listening.They might be great for studio work, but I think they would do well for just about any use (as long as they are used with a decent head amp).I own the AKG K7XX and I think they do well with all types of listening or use.
 I have not listened to my DT880 in a few years, they are currently buried in my storage locker.Not sure I can offer a valid opinion on sound stage and imaging.
 If you have the Astell & Kern AK Jr.Why not just use the A&K with the Final Sonorous VI headphones all the time?Use the A&K by itself when on the move and plug the A&K into the Macbook when at home.
 If this setup is really about gaming and not so music for music listening.Get the AD700X and the Sound Blaster Z sound card. If music listening is also important, then spend the extra for the AD900X. (as the AD700X lack bass).The AD900X do not have a lot of bass, but at least offer more bass then the AD700X.
 I own 5 Audio Technica headphone and do enjoy the Audio Technica sound :)But I think my Soundmagic HP200 headphones are a better buy then the AD900X.
 +1, Soundmagic HP150 (closed) headphones.
The iFi Micro iDSD DSD512 can not be use while the Beoplay H7 is running off Bluetooth. So if your plans where to use the Bluetooth feature a lot, the iFi Micro seems like a waste of cash.   To me the ATH-M50 headphones have lots of loud bass. So when you say the M50 lacks bass, is it the M50 lacks a quality and detailed bass?
 The DT880 have a nice balanced sound, the sound is slightly on the bright side. I own the two DT880 (250-Ohm and 600-Ohm) headphones.But I'm currently using the HP200 (listening to Maxi Trusso Nothing at all) and feel that I have no need or want to switch over to the DT880.
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