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 Yes the older G4ME One has the 150-Ohm driver, while the newer GAME ONE uses the 50-Ohm driver.
The Sennheiser HD558 and HD598 and GAME One and PC360 and PC363 all use the same 50-Ohm driver. So just get the cheapest one, the HD558   This custom cable ($17-$22), makes it easier to use the HD558 with a 3.5mm jack. Can be ordered in one of five lengths :) http://www.ebay.com/itm/261255113290?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&var=560215640802&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT   Then get any add-on mic you like.
 I'm not really that knowledgeable about Apple's Lightning connection, but I'm sure there are others on the Internet that know more about Lightning. 
 I think it's more external DAC/amps are more suggested, then external sound cards.I think a low cost internal sound card, mated to a nice external DAC/amp, makes the best comboResistance to interference for electrical noise that might be generated inside the computer case is one reason (maybe the main one) for getting something external (be it sound card or DAC/amp)So if you think an external sound card is more what you need, then get the external sound card.
Use a 3.5mm (1/8") stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo plug, analog cable, to connect the iPhone's headphone output jack to the line-input jack on the FiiO A3. I guess the 3.5mm (1/8") stereo plug can also be called a mini-jack plug.   For best audio quality, you want the iPhone volume setting as high as possible, but make sure the volume on the A3 is turn all the way down, before upping the volume on the iPhone. So your just going to use the A3's volume control to set the...
 The iBasso DX50 comes with a separate line-output port, which it what you use to connect the iBasso to an external amplifier, external amplifier being the Yamaha.Sometime it's nice doing a custom cable, you get the length you want and a nice looking plug (1/4" or 1/8"), maybe even better shielding.I never tried to turn off Silent Cinema on the Yamaha, not sure if you can even turn off Silent Cinema.
You mean, will the iBasso DX50 be able to connect to an aux input jack (like the RCAs) on the Yamaha?   Yes.   I used the Silent Cinema for watching Blu-ray movies and just about anything that came from my ATT or Comcast TV service and I was fine with it.   Does the Yamaha allow to be adjusted the sound without any correction or additive effects with out lost from the surround process from Silent Cinema. I believe there is a Pure Source setting that bypasses...
 Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card.Back panel comes with separate jacks for speakers and headphones.
 I'm assuming as Sony does not list other devices (beside the Sony Xperia, Apple) because they are not compatible with the Headphones USB interface.And if there are any, chances are nobody has tried and tested to see if any non-Apple products work with these headphones.The source device would need to have drivers that know how to "talk" to the Headphone's USB interface and I'm assuming no one bothers writing drivers for such a limited market.
I just bought the Audio-GD NFB-15 :) http://www.audio-gd.com/Pro/Headphoneamp/NFB1532/NFB15.32EN.htm
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