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 I've never listened to these speakers, so I have no idea on how they compare.I just know the A2/A2+'s small 3" woofer is not as good for bass as a 5"woofer.
 Sometimes when the impedance (Ohms) of the source (motherboard on-board audio) is higher then the impedance of the headphones, the headphones have a problem with getting loud.The 18-Ohm Momentum really seem to be designed to work off portable audio sources (smartphone, iPhone, iPod, etc), which usually have a very low output impedance, like under 10-Ohms.(Technically, with 18-Ohm headphones, you would want a source with an output impedance of 2.25-Ohms or less (but...
 Not as good a bass as a 5" studio monitor.But if your just want small studio monitors and you can find the A2+s at a good price, then go for it.
 A DAC like the Modi can not drive 300-Ohm headphones like the Sennheiser HD600.It's not really designed to drive any headphonesA FiiO E10K and Schiit Fulla are both USB-DAC-amps and with in your budget, but not sure they have enough power to drive 300-Ohm headphones.The FiiO E11K and E09K amplifiers do not have a DAC feature, but can plug directly into your Mac. Might try asking here about what to get with in your budget for something to plug in between the Mac and the...
 I guess the on-board audio (ALC887) will drive them decently.
 I do not think they make a headphone with more bass then the Sony MDR-XB500s.(I now they make headphones with better bass quality, then the XB500s)You might try investing into a low cost DAC/amp to bring out the best in the XB500s.
 If your willing to spend the cash for B & W and NAD, go for it.
 I own the K242HD, fairlty decent headphones, but I'm thinking tha AD900Xs would be better.Better audio quality and easier to drive.
FiiO E11K headphone amplifier, $60 Offers more power then the E07K or E10K or E17. Smaller then the E09K.
 The Mac might have a little trouble driving the 250-Ohm Beyers, others should not be a problem.
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