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I replaced my Essence STX with an Audio-GD NFB-15.32 external DAC/amp External DACs (& DAC/amps) seem to provide a cleaner audio signal, then something (Essence ST) that is inside the computer case.   So you might think of selling off the Essence ST and buying the NFB-15 (newer revision of the NFB-15.32) Dual WM8741 DAC chips :) USB, optical & coaxial inputs :) Headphone amplifier with plenty of power :) It's $270+shipping...
I'm guessing your idea will not work.   You could plug the headphones into the computer case's front panel audio jack and leave the 5.1 speakers plugged into the back panel jacks.   Might consider replacing the Xonar DG with the Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card ($60-$80)
The AKG KXX headphones, sold on Massdrop, might be a better choice, over the K612. But the KXX do cost more (133 GBP).
 It looks like the SB-E5 uses the same DAC chip (CS4398) as the SB-Z, so I would think the older Titanium-HD would still be better sounding (at least a little).I would think a Titanium-HD with an external headphone amplifier, would offer the better over all sound, over the SB-E5.
 3.5mm  (1/8") stereo jack verses RCA (red/white) jacks.Technically the RCAs provide more separation in the two channels of audio signals.But I doubt there is a noticeable difference, at least in typical home audio.I'm thinking the only real practical advantage for the RCAs is it's a little more robust connection, then the 3.5mm.
 So your motherboard comes with the Realtek ALC1150 audio processor and has a built in headphone amplifier.and a version of Sound Blaster Cinema that has been ported over to the Realtek chip-set. The Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card ($60-$80) might make a noticeable improvement, over the Realtek.I'm going to guess(?) the SB-Z's SBX headphone surround sound is a little better then the ported Cinema software.The SB-Z's CA4398 DAC chip should also be a little better...
 I've have not bothered to read the manual on the Box 3.But it would make sense that each 1/4" jack (labeled Monitor), are mono analog audio outputs.
An Asus Xonar DG or DGX sound card ($20-$40) will give your Win PC just as good (and I'm assuming better?) Dolby Headphone surround sound as the DSS.
 The S/PDIF coaxial out on the Avid M-Box 3 should be able to connect to the S/PDIF coaxial input on the receiver.The Coaxial cable usually just looks like a thicker RCA to RCA cable. You should (?) also be able to connect the Box 3's 1/4" jacks to the analog input (red/white) on the receiver.two cables with 1/4" mono plug male to RCA connector should do it.
 I would think the K612 Pro offers a little more bass, then the HD598.One thing you might consider is the K612 Pro needs a little more juice (power) then the HD598.What are you using to drive headphones?
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