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 When you installed the Asus Xonar Essence STX sound card, did you disable the motherboard's on-board audio?Try deleting the Asus drivers, then use a driver cleaner, then install the Unified Xonar Drivers.Up the STX's gain from <64 (lowest), to 64~300, see if that helps improve the sound.
Just to get the ball rolling. Maybe a Schiit Fulla ($79) USB/DAC/amp and SoundMagic HP150 headphones ($180) I've never listened to any Soundmagic headphones, but i have to figure they are a good bang for the buck.
 HT Omega Stricker seems like a decent sound card.but the Asus Xonar DX & D1 or Creative Sound Blaster Z sound card should(?) offer better audio quality.Hifimediy has a what I would think is a good USB DAC for $57+ shipping.
Sometimes active on-board audio can have a negative effect with the audio of the add-on sound card. I guess Windows is designed to work with more then one sound card in use, but nothing is perfect. I feel it's just safer to disable the on-board and make Windows job a little easier.
DT770 to me are old school, good for use with a receiver, but lower impedance headphones are easier to use with more sources. With the V-Moda, an amplifier is optional. I'm also making a guess the V-Moda are a much newer design (guessing).
 I own the DT770 Pro 80-Ohm and DT770 Pro 250-Ohm headphones, but I really do not use them (mids are not that strong).For me there only use might be for plugging into a modern A/V receiver, as higher impedance headphones work well with a receiver's headphone jack (impedance issues). At my computer, I preferred my ATH-A900X headphones, better mids.Until I got my ATH-W1000X headphones, which is now my preferred headphone. The HP150 are not really a name brand headphone, but...
 Chances are whatever you use, with your computer, to connect to the JBL LSR stuff is going to be an un-balanced connection.Unless you go out of your way to find an external DAC with a balanced output, which I'm thinking you really do not have to have.On-board audio and sound cards come with un-balanced outputs. Mono 1/4" plugs (un-balanced connection) can be used to connect to the LSR308 or LSR310S, from your computer.I'm guessing you could use a balanced connection...
I think I would go for the V-Moda M100.
 Same a few dollars and buy the Gemini HSR-1000 ($45-$50).
 I really know nothing about 88.2k, so really can't offer any real advice/input concerning it.Never used the E17 or E17K.I do own a FiiO D03K, D05, E5 and two E11s (no E11K) and I test an X1 for 10 days. The E17 with it's optical connection just seems to offer you more of what you need.
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