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 In the BIOS, make sure on-board HD Audio is set to "enable" and the on-board HDMI HD audio is disabled. Have you updated to the latest audio drivers? You could try the Asus Xonar DG ($18-$28, PCI) or DGX ($28-$38, PCI-E) sound cards.remember to disable the on-board HD Audio when installing an add-on internal sound card.
 Hifimediy makes low costing USB DACs ($57+shipping) with the Sabre chip.
 That question is above my pay grade, might need to ask Bill Gates.
You might find some decent speakers (and sub-woofer), on sale, listed here.   This place sells a lot of refurb A/V receivers.   Check you local Craigslist, you might find a good buy.
 Are there any good op-amps replacements for the stock op-amps on the Ti-HD?
A Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card could drive your 300-Ohm Sennheiser HD650. and comes with a separate line-output for speakers.
 Have you disabled the motherboard's on-board audio? in the BIOS.It might be conflicting with add-on internal sound cards. External USB headphones which come with a built in USB sound card, bypass on-board and internal add-on sound cards, so they would not have conflicts your on-board audio.
 I did not realize that they made an ODAC/O2 (EHP-O2Di) with a separate line-output (for speakers). The ODAC/O2 should sound better, but is it worth it?Not an easy question to answer.I just spent $300 for an external DAC/Amp, but I have lots of different headphones, that can take advantage of it power.The headphone/IEMs you might be using are very easy to drive not and would not really benefit from the O2's more powerful amplifier.If you got the cheaper E10K, that would...
 The ODAC/O2 is a better DAC and more powerful headphone amplifier.With the ODAC only have one output, so you would have to keep switching the plugs between the speakers and O2.
 Have you updated to the latest audio drivers for your on-board Realtek audio? check the audio setting in the BIOS. I would say to try putting in more work at getting good sound from the on-board audio back panel.Hopefully it's just a software issue.The Xonar DG might fix the issues, but I doubt it would sound better then your current Realtek ALC1150 Maybe sell off the SteelSeries 7H and...
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