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 Install the WASAPI Foobar2000 component in Foobar2000 (might as well update to the latest version of Foorbar2000 first).In Windows OS go into the control panel, then to the Sound section, go to the playback tab and set audio to "S/PDIF pass though Device" for your sound card (on-board audio?).Then try playing audio files (like FLAC) using the Schiit stack, see if the audio improves. Your sound card (on-board audio?) might be effecting the digital audio stream sent to the...
 For the features your looking for, I do not think you will find any better, audio quality wise. I guess one option is to get the FiiO E10K and a separate USB microphone?
 Is your speaker setup a 2.1?I would think the Omni would drive the HE-400i at least decently.Not sure what is the output power of the Omni amplifier..
 Gemini HSR-1000, they appear to be relabeled Takstar Pro 80s.Amazon has the Gemini's for $45.
 RP-HTF600 surprising good sound for it's price, but to me it's not built to take a lot of abuse.So i would take the Takstar HD-661
It seems like your looking for a USB sound card. Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 ($80).    
 Sounds defective (guessing).Return the ZERO and get the Sennheiser HD558 and any add-on mic you like.
Astro great for consoles, but not the best choice for use with PC computers.A $20 computer sound card is almost about equal to the Astro Mix-amp. The Creative Labs Sound Blaster Z sound card (SBX headphone surround sound), $60-$80, is a good budget choice for FPS gamers.It's built in headphone amplifier can decently drive 250-Ohm headphones An Asus Xonar DX or D1 sound card (used under $50) combined with a FiiO E11K ($60, nice amp) would give you Dolby Headphone.Asus Xonar...
 At the office, how is the Schiit stack connected to the PC, USB, optical or coaxial?Do you have the WASAPI component installed on the Foobar2000?
 I'm not going to claim the NFB-15 is head and shoulders above the rest, for the price (even if I do think it in my own mind).I bought my NFB-15.32 about 18 months ago, so far it's worked fine, maybe a bit of work to get the USB working right, but I usually use the optical connection anyway.There is one place in France place that sell audio-GD products. I...
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