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 Yep, basically acts like a pass through.I'm assuming the Schiit volume knob works for both the headphone and line-output (RCA).But you might email Schiit directly, they know their product way better them my little brain does.But yea. it's a pass though (I checked their web site).
 The RCA line-outputs on the Valhalla 2 is not an "amplifier" signal, like the one that comes out the headphone jackI would assume the RCA outputs function more like something on a pre-amplifier.
Audio-GD NFB-15, external DAC and headphone amplifier, price including shipping and import tax should be around 215 GBP. Dual WM8741 DAC chips :) USB, optical & coaxial inputs :) Headphone amplifier with plenty of power :) It has a headphone jack with 2-Ohm output impedance :), good for damping control of lower impedance headphones :) Can drive just about any headphone, from 12-Ohm to 600-Ohm. Even comes with a separate line-output for stereo speakers...
 Usually Mac's seem to come with decent built in audio hardware (decent DAC chip?).So you could just get a headphone amplifier for now and maybe get a DAC at a later date?Maybe even get a hybrid (tube and solid state) headphone amplifier.
 The 62-Ohm AKG 700 series is considered to need as much power (if not a little more) then the 250-Ohm Beyer headphones.
That should work.
 Check out the AKG K612 Pro, might be a better choice for a student budget. an amplifier to sound it's best (it's even a little harder to drive the the 250-Ohm DT880)
Has anyone directly compared the Fidelio X2 to the Beyer DT990 600-Ohm?
 It's recommended to have the headphone to have at least 8 to 10 times the impedance of the source (amplifier), for better damping.If you've got the 600-Ohm Beyers, then you would want an amplifier that has an output impedance of 60-Ohms or less.Chances are just about any external headphone amplifier you might buy, will likely have an output impedance of under 10-Ohms,so you really do not have to worry about impedance issues with 600-Ohm headphones. For the price of what...
Here are some used DT990 Premium 600-Ohm for $240, make an offer of $200 (including shipping), see if he takes it.   Here is another one for $225.   I've bought several used Beyerdynamic headphones, half the time they need new ear pads, $35.   To me the 600-Ohm has slightly less bass, but is better controlled, then the 250-Ohm. and I do like the...
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