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Maybe save a few dollars and get the Soundmagic HP150 headphones ($175)
I do own the ATH-W1000X and I do like them, but prefer my Beyerdynamic T90. I'm going to make a guess(?) the Fostex TH-X00 is going to be a little better then the W1000X.
I found the HD-681 EVO to have too tight a grip on my head, but otherwise they are a good value.   Takstar Pro (Gemini HSR-1000) are great closed headphones, sometimes they sell for $60.
The audio quality and features of the Ti-HD is way better, in all ways, to the on-board audio.With the Ti-HD installed in the computer, you really have no need to use on-board audio.Better just to plug the Front Case panel cable into the Ti-HD (and speakers into front panel jack).Might as well disable on-board audio, in the BIOS,Small chance that active on-board might have an effect on the Ti-HD. The green headed cable, should be a 3.5mm stereo plug, which has a right...
 Oops, 24-Ohm, guess I misread about the MDR-R1 being 48-Ohm.(corrected my previous post)
The speakers should be plugged into the Ti-HD (Titanium-HD) RCA jacks and the D7000 into the Ti-HD's headphone jack.   The Titanium-HD's headphone jack has a 35-Ohm output impedance. Technically you would want to plug the 25-Ohm D7000 into a headphone amplifier with an output impedance of around 3-ohms or less. Even a $60 FiiO A3 head amp (>1-Ohm impedance) should work better for driving the d7000, then the Ti-HD's headphone jack. But an external headphone amplifier...
 The Sony MDR-1R has a 24-Ohm impedance.Technically, for best damping control, you would want to plug the MDR-1R into a headphone amplifier with an output impedance of around 3-Ohms or less.The STX's headphone jack has a 10-Ohm output impedance, the Magni less then 1-Ohm output impedance. I always thought my 40-Ohm ATH-A900X headphones sounded a little better plugged into my O2 (>1-Ohm) headphone amplifier (using my STX as the DAC),then plugging the 40-Ohm headphones into...
 I've always assumed the Audioengine A5+ is like a studio monitor.Guess I could instead call the A5+ a self-powered speaker.
The AD900X will not have a lot of bass, but should have more bass then the AD700X.
 I'm assuming the Magni is being connected to the STX's RCA output. The STX's RCA output uses all three of the STX's op-amps and the headphone jack only 2, that might be a factor.There might be differences in the control panel settings, RCA vs headphone jack.Schiit is better at building a headphone amplifier, then Asus? Which headphones are you using?The Magni's low output impedance (>1-Ohm) should help with audio detail (damping control), over the STX's headphone jacks...
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