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 I'm not the expect, but here is my two cents.Audio CDs are 16-bit/44.1kMovie DVDs I think max at 24-bit/48KI doubt anything you listen to off the Internet will be any more demanding then an audio CD, and chances are it will be less demanding then an audio CD.So can't see setting your Realtek any higher then 24-bit/48K will improve your audio listening. Also if your using Realtek for your audio listening, you really not trying that hard for great audio quality ;)
From my understanding, for creating/producting audio, you want headphones with a somewhat neutral/boring sound, as your more into analyzing the sound, not as much trying to enjoy it, like the end user would be doing. So check out the Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506 headphones, both sell for under $100
If i was you, I would sell off the RS-170 and buy 250-Ohm Beyerdynamic headphones and plug them straight into the A/V receiver  (which what I've been doing for years)   But, if you like the RS-170, you could hook up an optical DAC, to the Samsung TV, plug the RS-170 into the DAC. Turn off the TV's built in speakers.   Optical DACs FiiO D03K, $20 Hifimediy Sabre DAC, $60. Schiit Modi, $150
 I would expect the Schiit stack to sound better.
I currently own five Audio Technica headphones, unfortunately the AD1000X is not one of them, so I'm making my best guess. I believe the AD1000X might be considered a little light on the bass, for some people's taste, but otherwise good headphones (best guess).
 Soundmagic HP200 semi-open headphones, $150Schiit Fulla, USB/DAC/amp, $90.
 Currently my preferred headphone is the Beyerdynamic T-90 :)Guess you would call it a semi-open headphone.Technically an open headphone, but not fully open like the Beyer DT990.
 USB normally bypasses the sound card's (on-board or add-on) features/functionsSo guessing you would be connecting an external DAC to the SB-Zx's optical output jack. As long as your using an internal add-on sound card, you might disable the motherboard's on-board audio, in the BIOS.Slight chance the active on-board might effect the add-on sound card. If you get an external DAC (Bifrost), guess you will also need a headphone amplifier.
 The normal O2 (Objective 2) unit is analog, nothing digital about it.(internally has two 9V batteries inside it) Where as the one posted in your link comes with an ODAC PCB board (providing a DAC function), in place of where the battery would normally be.So it's an O2, with an added digital function (DAC).Guess the retailer listing as "digital version" wants to make sure any buyer knows which O2 they are getting.
 I see Audio Engine A5+ as something that comes with extra bells and whistles for the everyday consumer who is looking for something easy to hook up.While the JBL studio monitors are a little more for a professional & serious user, who does not want to pay extra for bells and whistles they have no need for. If you can't find a good price on a used Titanium-HD sound card, you could get an optical DAC ($60+ shipping) from Hifimediy.http://hifimediy.com/SPDIF-9018-DACPlug in...
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