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 Audio-GD NFB-15 ($270+shipping) or NFB-11 ($355+shipping)They are external DAC/Amps with a separate line-output, not really portable.
 The K550 cups do rotate 90 degrees, not sure if that's portable enough for you.Does have nice sound stage and good sound quality in general..Very easy to drive.
 I own the Gemini HSR-1000 (Takstar Pro 80) and the Brainwavz HM5 and I much prefer the Gemini/Takstar.I would say to buy the FiiO E11.If your going to be getting the HE-400 or SRH-1540, might as well spend more for an amplifier then you would for the $27 E6.The E17 should be able to play anywhere from 44.1k to 320k to FLAC to ALAC audio files.
 Just get the FiiO E17.It can use it's DAC and headphone amplifier feature with any PC or MAC (desktop/laptop) and it's headphone amplifier with the iPhone.
 You might be better off upping your budget a little and just buy a FiiO X3.This way while listening to music, your Galaxy S5 will not have an unnecessary power drain.
 Yes, currently I own around 16 headphones and the ATH-W1000X are my preferred headphones, for use with my Win PC (plugged into a Audio-GD NFB-15.32).I still use my A900Xs once in a while.
 I've never listened to the ATH-M50Xs and have only tried the ATH-M50s for a few minutes.I never really see posting about the ATH-M50s be uncomfortable, but I do not really follow the ATH-M50 much.You might try reading up and posting ATH-M50Xs questions on this thread.
 Of the headphones you have listed, the ATH-M50X headphones would be the best choice for plugging directly into a motherboard.The Beyer COPs are only 16-Ohms, they seemed to be designed to be driven by portable audio devices (smart phone, iPhone, mp3 player, iPod, etc.), and not so much by a motherboard.All the other Beyers you have listed, to work at their best, should really only be used with a dedicated headphone amplifier. You would not by chance have access to Audio...
As long as you buy from a Japanese seller you should be ok (one with decent feedback) But I would say to never buy name brand headphones from other Asia countries (like Hong Kong/China)
 Schiit Modi optical DAC, $99+tax/shipping.There are some optical DACs for around $60, sold on eBay (like SMSL brand), but durability is not the greatest.
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