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 So is the 640 Euros the budget limit (for everything)?
 Audio Technica makes nice headphones, some may not do be to each individual's taste in sound, but their headphones are usually consider over all good sounding. All my audio Technica headphone are good sounding headphones :)So I'm fairly sure the ATH-ANC9 are good sounding headphones, you yourself say you like their sound.The MDR-V6 are really more for monitoring, not trying to be fun sounding headphone, more about analyzing the details (and more boring sounding?).I...
 For questions about the ATH-M50 headphones, try reading up and asking here.http://www.head-fi.org/t/701386/new-audio-technica-ath-m50x-with-removable-cable
 Apple products usually come with decent built in audio hardware.A Schiit Fulla ($90) might make a a good value for trying to improving audio quality.
 Would the 640 Euro budget be for both headphones and a mp4 player? Option you might check out.Soundmagic HP150 headphones and a FiiO X3 gen II DAP.Should give you a decent improvement over the ATH-M50X/LG G3 combo, and still have leftover cash :)
 Unless you need the extra features of the E07K, might as well get the Schiit Fulla. I just plugged my Fulla into my PC, using Foobar2000 to listen to Sound Garden's I want you.Very nice and musical :)The HD598 should benefit from the Fulla's more fun sound.
 The Asus Xonar DX is a great sound card......but it's Front Speaker/headphone output (for both the back panel and Front panel connections),are really just line-output jacks, that also pretend to be headphone outputs.The Xonar DX's jacks have a 100-Ohm output impedance, not great for getting the best audio detail, from headphonesWhere as the cheaper Xonar DG and it's headphone jacks 10-Ohm (or less?) output impedance, is better designed for driving headphones. Another...
 I own the MDR-V6 and have never listened to the Audio Technica ATH-ANC9.(but I do own the Audio Technica ATH-AD700, ATH-A900X, ATH-W1000Z, ATH-ESW9, ATH-WS99).My best guess is the MDR-V6 will not offer any improvement in audio quality, over the ATH-ANC9.
The E07K might be more forgiving with poorly recorded music. The Fulla will offer a more powerful headphone amplifier.
I think money would be more wisely spent buying better headphones, for what you would spend for the ST or STX or STX II. Like maybe the Soundmagic HP150 (closed) or HP200 (open) headphones.   For a good value for upgrading from the Xonar DG card. Asus Xonar DX sound card (used $40). FiiO A3 (E11K) headphone amplifier ($60).   The DX has a better DAC chip then the DG And the A3 can be used with more then just a computer (Mac or PC).   Edit, just realized...
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