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Get the headphones first, then see how much is leftover in your budget for a different DAC/amp.   Soundmagic HP200 open (semi-open?) headphones ($170). More bass/treble then the HD598   Get this used ($51+) Schiit Fulla USB-DAC-amp, will offer a "different" sound then the FiiO E10K. http://www.ebay.com/itm/222194521899   So you can switch between the E10K and Schiit Fulla
 Assuming your going to use a portable source with your portable amp?What is the source? You can find better headphones then the DT770s, starting at just over $200, so why spend $400-$600 for the DAC/amp?
 You might be able to get a Soundmagic HP200 headphone (new or used), with in your budget.
 Do you have a budget for the DAC/amp?
last night ordered the Xduoo X3. As it has a lithium battery, assuming it will be shipped by boat and not plane. Guess it will take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive?
Have you thought of just upgrading to a better DAC/amp, to use with the AH-D2000 headphones?
 It appears to me the Xduoo X3 is sold and shipped from China, even if you buy it thru Amazon (or eBay).So if it breaks, during the warranty period, you would need to ship it all the way back to China (you would pay for shipping)So can't see much use for the warranty in the first place.So Rockbox away :)
 I'm not really any type of expert on which sound card is better for FPS gaming.I like Asus sound cards because I find their control panel easy to use.I think an Asus Xonar DX sound card (used, $50-$60) and a FiiO A3 (E11K) headphone amplifier ($60), makes a great combo.The Xonar DX does not really come with what I would call a true headphone amplifier, more like a line-output, that also pretends to also drive headphones.Where as the SB-Z (used, $60) comes with a built in...
 Yes, you can disable the SB-Z's surround sound features.
 If your into FPS gaming, then get the SB-Z.As the SB-Z comes with SBX Headphone surround sound. If your more into music, then the FiiO E10K (or Q1) would be fine.
New Posts  All Forums: