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Great earphones! Highly recommended.
Just got my Etymotics ER-4P, they are awesome earphones ;) With etymotics help I realized that I'm not a basshead. I guess for drum&bass and dubstep my triples are the better option but for trance and other genres er-4p are just great. Midrange is awesome.
200$ IEM shouldn't be considered budget.
You could also look to Sennheiser IE8 & Triple.fi 10. And you should also probably get used Westone UM3x RC & Earsonics SM3 for that price.
You think that TF10 are budget earphones? Are you serious?
Anyone knows how to improve monoprice bass? The quantity is alright, but texture of bass is kinda low.
Yeah, **** happens buddy. Hope you get all your items back.
Hifiman 601 would better option, especially if you will have the version which is rockboxable.
They are 149$ new... http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vsonic-Flagship-GR07-/261040545123?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item3cc73a9d63
Why are you guys getting cheap earphones for use in the gym? Who don't you take your regular earphones? I use my triple.fi everywhere, including gym ;)
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