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Wrote a PM to boonh.
So basically what's the best price on e17 right now?
Still searching ;)
Etymotic ER-4P/S, maybe something from Hifiman RE line, like RE0 or 272.
Buy sony hybrids on ebay. You don't have to create a new thread because of your lost buds. There is a huge triple.fi thread on this forum.
How are the mids & instrument separation on this set?
Etymotic ER-4P/S. Period.
Great earphones! Highly recommended.
Just got my Etymotics ER-4P, they are awesome earphones ;) With etymotics help I realized that I'm not a basshead. I guess for drum&bass and dubstep my triples are the better option but for trance and other genres er-4p are just great. Midrange is awesome.
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