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Yeah, KSC-75 are great headphones. Own them, but now in search of IEM :)
I could hardly call this device a phone... :)
ClieOS don't forget to do a review after you burn them :)
Found these on ebay : http://www.ebay.com/itm/VSONIC-GR06-High-Fidelity-Professional-Quality-Stereo-Inner-Ear-Earphones-/380378110428?pt=Other_MP3_Player_Accessories&hash=item58904d59dc#ht_3448wt_952 .  Some info in google about these, but only in chinese. Has anyone heard or have them?
I read both threads, but you know, I'm really into those head-fi termins, so I'm asking user opinions :)
Do these headphones sound more analytical oriented than into bass? How do these compete with JVC FXT90?
We know that they are real, but how do these new ones compare to the old ones? Which are actually better and is what aspects?
I'm deciding too between these too headphones, don't know which ones to buy now... What are the difference between the new GR07 and the old models? Some says that they are more bassy, right?
So hod does the new version with 15 pairs of eartips comapres to the old one? What is better/worse in it?
No, my main goal is not an enhanced bass, it's just that I listen to music in which bass means the most ( excluding rap) But I actually enjoy bass on my Koss KSC75, so FXT90 bass isn't going to sound worse,that's right ?
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