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Get another ER-4S, seriously.
Maybe someone will be brave enough to order it? It's 42 instead of 49 ;)
How does it compare for example with this one? Link
I think they will be the same **** as apple earbuds.
Sound quality isn't worse, it may be even better than clip+.
If you have a pair for sale please contact me, thanks.
On all high-end players battery doesn't really shine ;)
Just go for the clip. If you want something serious then look into hifiman line, for example hifiman 601. All cowons, apple players are on the same level with clip+. Don't waste your money.
There are no fake TF10.
Looks like bobeau is giving the most adequate impressions. Please don't forget to write down your last impressions. And if you own tf10 & er-4p please compare to them, thank you.
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