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I don't live in US, so that's really sad :/ I can purchase Supertips for ~35euros=50$ , sony hybrids for ~13$ and those JAYS, but if they aren't those that were used by eric I will exclude them. Is it really worth paying that much for supertips? Or it would be better to buy hybrids? They are better than JVC stock? And how are the JVC stock ones? :)
Aren't these the same JAYS tips that I posted? and from your link. Or there are different? Are monster supertips worth getting for ~50$ bucks?
So which are the best tips to buy for fxt90? Jays these ones ? : And monster tips? Which ones? Could someone give me a link on ebay, I can't find them anywhere.
The best would be XE200pro
Till 12.2012
If you find the place were to get this panny tips, write me a message,ok?
Yeah, I actually was waiting for this kind of answer How many hours have you burnt your phonies? These ones are they jays tips, yeah?
Best Dynamic IEMs (SQ-only): Vsonic GR07 >> Sony 7550 = EX1000 >>JVC FX-700 = Sony EX600> Shure SE215 = Radius HP-TWF11R DDM > HJE900  > Monster Miles Davis Tribute > Monster Turbine Pro Copper > Sennheiser IE8 > Sennheiser IE7 Where would you put these phonies? :)
I can't afford them all :( 140$ for earphones is already not a small amount of money.
Ok, we'll be waiting for it. Mine will only be shipped on Monday from Japan. Was choosing between these ones, tandem & GR07.
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