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Where are you getting this prices? :) You can get shure 215 for ~55 pounds http://www.ebay.com/itm/SHURE-SE215-SOUND-ISOLATING-EARPHONES-CLEAR-BLACK-/330633118643?pt=AU_Electronics_Portable_Audio_Accessories&hash=item4cfb4503b3
Ahhh, yes. I remember someone wrote that received a faulty pair of FXT90, so that's was you :)
Should have checked JVC FXT90 too :)
My iPod touch 4G also was destroying my headphones... It actually broke 3 or 4 pairs of phonies. So I bought a clip+ :)
When are you going to add FXT90 to your list? :) And how would you compare them to GR07? Which ones better overall?
How would you compare FXT90 to Clarityone?
Same problem here. Does someone knows direct Sunrise email?
  S/M, & double flange
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