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That was a sarcasm, or I didn't get something? :/ I always order items like that, because custom fees are very high in my country.
^ Ask the seller to mark item as 20$ value.
But these headphones are beasts. Very energetic.
Which comply tips would you then suggest to get?
I tried others tips, still no result... I don't really want to go to doctor :( With full size phones everything is alright.
Got this phones, they are nice. But I have one concern. Every IEM that I try I find right ear hearing worser than left. With every IEM. This doesn't happen with full size headphones.
30euros + 6 shipping with a code. I don't actually remember it, but something like klausfuz, search in xears section.
Yeah, I saw this deal just after ~10 minutes and they were already used.
Just by Friday? :( Too long to wait, I hope that my phonies will arrive by that time.
i2ehan now do a comparison with other phonies, such as e-Q5, ClarityOne & GR07 if you have them :)
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