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Yes, review FXT90 :)
Yeah, thanks for your reply. Waiting for a more detailed review :) But which ones would you recommend getting, GR06 or Xears ones? How is bass in GR06? Soundstage? Fit?
We demand a reply from you!
How would you compare Xears to GR06? Which ones do you prefer? Or to GR04?
Maybe someone else has got the headphones and wants to write a review?
Has anyone heard GR06? I am thinking of canceling my Ultraphile order and taking GR06 instead, what would you guys suggest?
So how would you compare GR06 vs GR04?
I am using JVC FXT90 for same genres, and I really like how they sound.
Yeah, turbines would be a better option. But between S4 & M2, get M2.
You'll have to find it out by yourself.
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