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Stretch your budget to 130$ and get JVC FXT90. And if the clarity is more important than bass stretch to 150$ and get Vsonic GR07. RE0 durability isn't good. They will sound too dry for techno music.
+ 7 pounds for shipping. They can be bought cheaper on ebay.
Hope that this will not happen with my ultraphiles, they still haven't arrived but I'm already worried about them. 153$ in ebay. I think that 3$ are not worth risking.
Maybe someone knows a discount code for frogbeats?
Just posted back my defective FXT90, will be waiting for them. Really enjoy how they sound.
From You really won't find anything better in <20pounds section.
Monoprice 8320 :)
Canceled order for my Xears ultraphile, I thinking I am going to buy GR07 instead.
So you are saying that GR06 are better than xe200pro in every aspect, right? Are GR06 Bass oriented or more into mid-range? And also how are the vocals? GR06 sounds alot worse than GR07? Sorry to hear about your problem, too bad can't help anyhow.
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