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It's so hard to listen to TF10 after er-4p, er-4p are much much clearer, the bass is tighter the mids are just great. A little bit of bass for er-4p and they would be perfect for me.
The problem might be in your ears, one ear hears less hertz.
Get another ER-4S, seriously.
Maybe someone will be brave enough to order it? It's 42 instead of 49 ;)
How does it compare for example with this one? Link
I think they will be the same **** as apple earbuds.
Sound quality isn't worse, it may be even better than clip+.
If you have a pair for sale please contact me, thanks.
On all high-end players battery doesn't really shine ;)
Just go for the clip. If you want something serious then look into hifiman line, for example hifiman 601. All cowons, apple players are on the same level with clip+. Don't waste your money.
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