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What about battery life? Same as Rocoo P?
Vsonic GR06 maybe?
Please contact me if you are willing to sell these earphones.
Yes, I use clip+ with TF10. You won't find better player for 30$. Or if you are comfortable with using AAA batteries I suggest to buy Rio Forge. Yes, it only supports 2GB cards but it's deffenitely worth it, it just sounds awesome.
Sansa clip+/sansa fuze + Fiio E11.
I'd say Atrix, as it uses wolfson audio codec.
No removable cable?
600 euro earphones with a non removable cable... yeah...
I doubt they'll release good/decent earphones.
The best thing would go with IEMs, cans won't block as much noise as in-ear monitors. As closed cans I'd suggest Sennheiser HD-25 ii & Audio-technica M50.
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