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I doubt they'll release good/decent earphones.
The best thing would go with IEMs, cans won't block as much noise as in-ear monitors. As closed cans I'd suggest Sennheiser HD-25 ii & Audio-technica M50.
You think it's normal that we have like 20 threads like this and they keep popping up each week/month? I believe  some kind of popular threads should be sticked.
PK1's are on different level. There's no point in comparing them ;)
Are you kidding? There are 10 threads like this, just use the search button! This forum begins to remind me a kindergarten where kids discuss their fantasies, dreams. Don't dream! Earn money and just buy.
Interested to trade for tf10?
I'd suggest Sleek Audio SA6, if you can get them now.
Maybe AT CK10?
Just asking ;) Waiting for mine cable to be shipped.
What was the difference that you heard between stock & fiio cable? ;)
New Posts  All Forums: