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You won't be happy with klipsch x10 highs that's for sure. I'd go with TF10, everything is better except maybe fit (?).
Well, I think that they should announce who won in the auction. Maybe they just forgot about it? :)
It should work.
Actually you can get DBA-02 for 109$ refurbished.
The cheapest triple driver armature you can get for reshelling is TF10. From dual BA driver IEM's I'd suggest jays q-jays if you can still find them. DBA-02 also a nice option.
Galaxy S1 & S2 didn't have a replacable battery & sd slot... Oh yeah..
Shouldn't the first auction be ended by now? It's 4th may already :)
No, those are fake.
Flip floped R & L should be the same as not flip flopped. Should be facing towards nozzle.
Entered the contest ;)
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