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It uses Sigmatel 3770 chip, which can be found in  a very cheap players for ~40 ;)
Sold to liao504 :)
I also got scammed by another guy , nicknamed anadin , I trusted and sent out my new JVC fxt90 , but got scammed :/
Amb mini^3 ?
I am selling barely used 10 vi ( mic edition). They come with everything ( box, 3.5->6.25 plug etc...). They were barely used & look like new. Will trade for Etymotic ER-4P/s, Sleed Audio SA-6. Will consider other offers too. I'm from Europe but will send worldwide, thanks! The reason I'm selling them is simple. I just received from Logitech a replacement pair, so I don't need 2 pairs.
Searching for e17, contact me if you have on for sale.
All mass player like sansa,cowon,ipod have ~same sound quality. When choosing one of this player you should look at their battery life & UI. Sansa has RB which is a huge plus for me.
5G iPod video were  30/60gb, but 5.5G were 30/80gb. If you buy the 5G version ( with fatter back) you can place 240GB hard-drive inside your ipod ;)
iPod video 5g/5.5g. They use Wolfson DAC.
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