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Well K1 and K3 should be different, K1 has same drivers as ubranfun, k3 knowles 30017 dual ba + dynamic. seller shipped me K3 instead of K1, I'll share my impressions if no one else shares theirs by the time they arrive.
anyone heard magaosi k3?
Maybe you also own Magaosi K1 and could compare them? Still deciding between moni and K1 :)
how would you rate them so far? How are the details,soundstage,bass?
soundstage and details better in senfer? hm... Those were the strongest things about titans, they're sound were giving me a full headphone experience. Can you please listen to them again and make a quick comparison, mines just broke and looking for something similiar sounding, because really liked that kind of sound signature.
anyone already by any chance listened to dt2 plus? Also can someone compare dunu titan/ex1 to senfer 4in1? Thanks.
So you prefer b3 over ostry's?
Anyone willing to sell a pair? I'm from Europe, so it's problematic to find them for a good price. :)
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