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Tbh I don't get the big fuss over non removable pads. My brothers pair which has been in use for about 18 months iirc still looks pretty much new.
Apparently so, I wonder when they will start  selling them. From what I read in the thread you linked the new pads seem to be miles better when it comes too sound. Might pick up the PM-2 with them in the future. I didn't really like the PM-1 atleast not for the money.
Sure just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago :D
It's a custom driver and I don't think LFF has said publicly what it is but I read that they are slightly hard to drive to I would think it is an ortho based driver.
Schiit Valhalla 2 is also really nice for the HD650. I liked it better than Lyr 2 both were stock tubes though.
Looking to buy a pre  fazor LCD-2.2 after trying out a local pair. Shoot me a PM and we can work something out.   Regards Moosecraft
I had to sell my LCD-2.2 because of weight and comfort issues, if audeze made a planar with the (hopefully) amazing comfort of the new hifimans  while still retaining LCD-2.2 sounds I would be so happy
Yeah I like them too, but for 1k I would expect less boomy and slightly more extended bass more details in the mids and my biggest complain is the more recessed  lower treble. I also find them to be a bit slow for rock/electronica.However I like them alot for their current asking price and are  my go to casual gaming headphones.
If this has any piece of the old driver they won't be anywhere near 1k good..
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