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Lossy vs lossless is quite a big difference imo, its audible for most headphones for me.
Anyone know an ebay seller or similar who has a nice looking grill material.I'm gonna regrill my HE-560 as I found there was quite a large difference especially in depth.  I have really no idea what I'm supposed to look for and would be nice to get pointed in a general direction.     Have no idea why half of my post is in italic, I can't seem to change it.
I will be able to quickly compare when my HE-560 arrive.
It's not money that is my primary motivatior I just felt they didnt quite compare with other headphones in that pricerange. But I want to try the new pads as I felt there was potential.
. posted by mistake
Tbh I don't get the big fuss over non removable pads. My brothers pair which has been in use for about 18 months iirc still looks pretty much new.
Sure just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago :D
It's a custom driver and I don't think LFF has said publicly what it is but I read that they are slightly hard to drive to I would think it is an ortho based driver.
Schiit Valhalla 2 is also really nice for the HD650. I liked it better than Lyr 2 both were stock tubes though.
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