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Which one did you prefer and what are the pros and cons between them? @Merrick Currently deciding between upgradingy bifrost or buying Mombi.
Is international shipping a no go? Otherwise I would be interested in the 650's
Do these differ from the originals in any way?
So I did this and I really like it so far, not very good at writing impressions but I feel its an upgrade vs either regular pad. Looking forward to next revision :)
I have new baffles and thick focus pads, I got mine directly from Head-direct about 6-8 weeks ago.
Gonna order some materials and try this out ASAP!, Thanks so much for doing this proper guide :)
Lossy vs lossless is quite a big difference imo, its audible for most headphones for me.
Anyone know an ebay seller or similar who has a nice looking grill material.I'm gonna regrill my HE-560 as I found there was quite a large difference especially in depth.  I have really no idea what I'm supposed to look for and would be nice to get pointed in a general direction.     Have no idea why half of my post is in italic, I can't seem to change it.
I will be able to quickly compare when my HE-560 arrive.
It's not money that is my primary motivatior I just felt they didnt quite compare with other headphones in that pricerange. But I want to try the new pads as I felt there was potential.
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