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Can't wait for the announcement! Good Luck Everyone!
Hi, I just bought a Fiio L9 LO for my iTouch, and when the L9 is plugged in, I can only hear the left side working. Naturally, I contacted the seller and he said he can arrange for a new one.   But he also said to check first whether it was the L9, or is it my iTouch LO that's the problem? Can anyone confirm that iTouch has this problem? I never read about it before
  Yes, I was talking about my own preference there... A while ago when I first started owning Hi-Fi gears I actually prefer straight plugs, but I notice L-Plugs are just more portable and feels more durable
  Most IEM's are efficient enough to be driven by Clip+/Zip alone, but the addition of an Amp, especially a pretty powerful one like the E11 will, of course, improve the SQ, but it is not mandatory, and the difference in SQ is minute at best, simply because the EPH100 is efficient.   I personally prefer portable amps be paired with something with a LO (ie. iPods), as the improvement is more noticeable.
  I never said anything about isolation  Isolation is indeed very good for a vented dynamic driver, the dual-flanged tips really helped.   What I can't stand is the microphonics, and the bouncy memory cable, which makes my cable flail everywhere when I'm walking   The SQ is great though, very smooth non-fatigue sound...
  This. If you compare them in their MSRP prices, the Amperior will not seem so expensive and ridiculous.   Long story short, if you just wait until the market price goes down, the Amperior will be a very budget-friendly product with good SQ, just like the HD25-1 II now...
  If you think it won't be suitable for walking (which I think it doesn't) because of the microphonics and cable memory, then find something else, simple.
  Sure, I'll check them out! Thanks for the suggestions!   You know, I always thought that there are more options in the portable headphones area than IEM's... It seems I was wrong... there are much more good options for under 100$ with IEM's....
  Isolating enough to use in public.. and not too big... preferably supra-aurals...I'm Asian, and most circumaurals will just make me look silly....   If my budget was higher, I would've bought the DH25 or DT1350... so perhaps you can suggest something around those in size?
Yes, Etymotic's have excellent build quality. Shure, Westone... almost all the good brands are generally good. One brand I keep hearing failing is the Monster Turbine... also, the RE-0
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