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  Ah... I see...  I've been meaning to ask you another question.   I read that there is a lot of jack issues on the HD25... after a few years, it'll be come loose, and you need to tighten them everyday... Is this true? Do you have this issue with your HD25? What's your solution?
Joker, have you ever had the chance to hear the second generation of T50p's?   I read the first generation is plagued with fit issues and the second generation has new-style pads?
The cable jacks are sometimes loose, try plugging them more tightly...
  The AM90 is a little bit on the warm side compared to the MC5
Joker, I'm still looking for a headphone, let's say budget isn't a problem, I want something musical but smooth/non-fatiguing, but still want some details in the music... maybe something like the EPH-100...
  What did the e-mail say exactly?
The Fiio L9 is a LOD, which straight away takes the LO from the charger section.   Anyway, thank you for the detailed explanation.   In the end, I borrowed my friends iPod to isolate the problem.  Turns out it was the cable, because the same thing happens when I'm using his iPod.   But the weird thing is, the channel imbalance only happens in low volumes... when I crank up the music, the imbalance dissapears.. I'll return them and get a new one anyway, so thank you!
Some good choices are the ATH M50, HD25-1 II, DT1350
Can't wait for the announcement! Good Luck Everyone!
Hi, I just bought a Fiio L9 LO for my iTouch, and when the L9 is plugged in, I can only hear the left side working. Naturally, I contacted the seller and he said he can arrange for a new one.   But he also said to check first whether it was the L9, or is it my iTouch LO that's the problem? Can anyone confirm that iTouch has this problem? I never read about it before
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