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  Thank you for the suggestions.   I heard about the SR60 and SR80 before but to be honest I'm not that impressed with Joker's review on them.   The K701 on the other hand, looks gorgeous, but sadly it's really outside my price range.   I'll see if I can stretch my budget even more, but in the mean time, keep the suggestions coming!
  AFAIK, MP4Nation is a very legit business, and a lot of Head-Fi'ers has bought products from them.
Thread Title says it all. I'm hoping to buy one for home use!    I use a Fiio E11 Amp and/or a iBasso D-Zero DAC+Amp with my PC, I also have an iTouch + L9 for portable use.   After almost 6 month buying and selling various IEM's, I am getting to know what I like and dislike. So I am proud to say that I really like natural timbre produced by my JVC FXT90's, they are just so musical to my ears, but, as you know, IEM's aren't really the most comfortable to...
This is what I'm afraid of, is this a pretty widespread problem?
  My heart always flutter when you say "next update"  I always enjoy reading your thorough review
  Alright then, this is really assuring. It;s just that I've been reading a lot about loose HD25 jacks... that they need to be tightened every day
Still no news huh... Too bad...
  If you like to walk around AND study indoors using a phone, then I think the HD25 will be best for you. Isolation is good but not so much that you can't hear cars passing by, but good enough so that your music won't disturb those around you.   The HD25 also fits your sound signature requirements, V-Shaped, slightly recessed mids, and bass is tight 
  I was talking about the driver cups jack, which Armaegis described. It's good to know you haven't had any problem! Do you frequently unplug your jacks?     Yes, this is what I meant. Many described this problem, and I'm afraid that it'll just get worse over time.
First, ask yourself this:   Do you need a lot of isolation? If yes, then you need to scratch headphones off your list. Even the best isolating headphones struggle if compared to IEM's in a very noisy environment.   How long will you be using it for? Which would be more comfortable? This is a question you need to answer yourself. Some are more comfortable with IEM's, some with headphones...   Do note that two headphones that you mention above (V-Moda M80...
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