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  If you can get a FXT90 for under $100, it's a pretty good deal... Musical without too much coloration, and oh the sweet sweet timbre 
I'm assuming that E07K is also an upgrade from the Fiio E7?
When you start journeying into high-end audio, most phones, if not all, will show if you play a low bitrate file.   It just means that the quality of the driver becomes apparent once you pass a certain mark.
What more are you looking for? The B2 is a steal at the pre-order price! It's comparable to the mighty CK10!   If you prefer a warmer signature then might I suggest a few other popular IEM like FXT90 or EPH-100
The EPH-100 actually has a laid-back presentation...  I never heard anybody called the EPH-100 aggressive, partly because of the tamed treble...   Maybe Fischer Audio Dual Tandem, Joker said it has the most laid-back presentation....
  Even the well-regarded CK10 uses the Knowles TWFK. Not a lot of IEM's has their own in-house drivers. Most are from OEM's.... this is not a negative point IMO, as it will be tuned further (IE: Putting dampers/filters) by the company who bought the license.
The Brainwavz B2 is technically the better of the two, but the sound signature will not be to everyone's liking.   The B2 is more analytical while the SE215 is more bassy.   You need to know what kind of SS you're looking for.
I see, then I guess I'll be ordering some Grados for my home-rig! Thank you for the suggestions!
Hi Head-Fi, I just noticed this thread today, and I was wondering if anyone can answer my question from my own thread, here's the link   Thank you!
A question for K601 owners, will a Fiio E11 or iBasso D-Zero be able to drive them properly?
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