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the E10, like most other IEM's, are designed to be drived from a PMP, as generally many people doesn't use amps with MP3 players. That's why the E10, again, like most other IEM's, have low impendance and high sensitivity.   The high sensitivity is what makes your E10 hisses with the E11. The E11 itself is pretty hissy, coupled with a sensitive IEM, it will become more audible.   I suggest using the E10 straight away without the E11, because it's efficient...
  Thanks for pointing that out 
There is already a review made by Joker on the EPH-100
Joker, have you checked out the 2012 Head-Fi Summer Buying Guide? Congratulations on having so many of your reviews quoted! Hope it still will be in years to come!   
  I can gather that you really like to tease people... 
An IEM with less drivers CAN be better than one with more.   I just don't get why everybody thinks more is better. It has been said times and times again in hundreds of posts.     More doesn't always equal Better.   I hope I emphasized this enough.
I've been meaning to ask, how does the FXD80 timbre compares to the FXT90?
True dat. I'm actually interested in the FXD80 because I love my FXT90 to death... but still on the fence... there's still quite a lot of other IEM's that I would like to try...
So in your opinion the FXD80 isn't hyped?  Almost all new IEM's are hyped in some way... but the GR07, at least, the MK1, did indeed get a lot of praise from seasoned reviewers.
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