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I fell for the hype and design, and am now really really disappointed pointed in it, I mean, I could even get a Grado for that price!
I havent even gotten mine yet! T_T
anyone outside USA or Canada got theirs yet?
good job! I still havent got mine yet... sob...
anyone outside of mexico,canada,USA got theirs yet?
Failed how?
    What did they ship it with? what Company?    
Yea, that's what I'm afraid about, Indonesia just made a new costum regulations these last few months, and imported products price rose so much, I'm worried I'm gonna pay the full price for a free Headphone, anyone has some news about this?
It's pure luck, no one deserves it more than u :p   alright, thx for the info =)    
  Yes I know that, well, I just hope I get it. Oh, one more question, anyone get a reply email after you give your name address etc?
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