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  You can look at Joker's Build Quality Rating for the RE272. From the looks of it, it's not badly built at all.     IMO the E9 will actually be overkill. I don't know about the RE262, but sometimes I can't even use my Fiio E11 with my very sensitive IEM's. Even at the lowest volumes they're still too loud, and when I go even lower, the dreaded channel imbalance prevents me from hearing my music.
There will be some change, whether it's significant and/or better depends on you.
An IEM will almost always seal better than a headphone. can't comment on the SQ though, never heard the Downtown's   Perhaps you can describe how does it sound to you?
EPH-100 with it's dual flange tips and deeper insertion will isolate better. But I find the FXT90 with Sony Hybrids isolate pretty well, not bad either, just not as high as EPH-100, but the difference is not so much.
The detachable cables lies at the Y-Splitter, and comes with 3 cables. Balanced, Normal, Normal channels swapped.
Gotcha! I think the new model is a very very clever idea from HifiMan. This gives you the freedom to swap channels, use a balanced setup, or just plug it straight away to a normal 3.5mm jack.
Both two you mentioned are about the same in SQ rating. It comes down to what kind of signature you want.   FXT90 will be more aggressive, with punch bass, forward mids and sparkly (though not too sparkly) highs. Also, the timbre is the best from everthing I've ever heard (I never heard the FX700 though)   EPH-100 will be much more laid back, smooth, non-fatiguing. Still punch bass, mids not as forward as FXT90, and smoothed treble (not sparkly).   If you...
What do you plan to revise on the RE262 review? The newer inter-changeable cable? Does the SQ change? Also ,does the old version has a balanced cable or normal?
I would not suggest the Sunrise's... While their SQ is amazing for the price, it is known that their product aren't generally very sturdy.
the E10, like most other IEM's, are designed to be drived from a PMP, as generally many people doesn't use amps with MP3 players. That's why the E10, again, like most other IEM's, have low impendance and high sensitivity.   The high sensitivity is what makes your E10 hisses with the E11. The E11 itself is pretty hissy, coupled with a sensitive IEM, it will become more audible.   I suggest using the E10 straight away without the E11, because it's efficient...
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