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Info about DUNU's newest Flagship the DN-19 "Tai-Chi": tomscy2000 has compiled a lot of interesting and useful information in this thread   Rocky himself has posted a few photos and info of their companies newest Flagship:   First Impression:   Bass is indeed...
Ah... yes... I tend to hyperbole sometimes, I'll correct that!
Joker mentioned somewhere that his J3 is sufficient enough to drive the RE262, though I forgot where, so I can't quote his post. He also mentioned that Fiio E5 is more of a toy bass boost rather than an amplifier.
  The MeElectronics M6 is NOT are not earbuds. They are noise-isolating IEM's. And the MeElec M6 is low below your $60 budget.   You can get definitely get something better at that price, but if you're looking for just using it in the gym, I think the M6 will be sufficient.
  Be sure to check the cable you're using. If you're using the balanced cable it will mean that there will only be sound from one channel.
I am currently in possession of the DN-19 and reviewing it as we speak. Expect a review in this few coming weeks!   Some impressions: Bass is indeed enhanced A LOT with the screw-able damper off, pointing to "bassy" With the damper on however, it gets much more balanced, but the bass still has a lot of punch.   One thing I notice is that Micro Details is very easy to catch with this IEM. That's all for now!
I'm sorry if I didn't read your post, I will try to find it. It's hard to imagine the FXD80 trumps the FXT90 though...   From the price point, the FXT90 is still more expensive right? Correct me if I'm wrong
I have asked this before but no one replied, how is the Timbre compared to the FXT90?
There are a few hybrid IEM's out there. Most notable is the most expensive UIEM, AKG 3003.
AFAIK the E17 doesn't sport any channel imbalance at any volume level because of the digital volume adjustment.
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