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Joker, have you had any chance to hear the new JVC FXZ100 or 200? I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to upgrade from the FXT90
Ignore this
As always, the Fischer Audio's DBA MKII is said to have very similar sound signature to the CK10's. Furthermore, the Brainwavz B2 has the same driver as the DBA MKII, and is more readily available. Here's a link to the phones at the mp4nation store, a trusted Head-Fi retailer.
Joker, sorry if this has been asked before, but any first impressions on the FXD80? I am very fond of my FXT90 and I'm wondering how both of these compare in SQ, isolation, and comfort
+1 for Etymotic MC5 Their triple flanges are still offer the best isolation.
Agreed, the only thing I find lacking is the bass aspect, other than that, it's pretty awesome for the price, that's why I'm glad to see they really care about our feedback.
Thx for the tip! I'll try that as soon as I go home.   EDIT: Updated the Note under the review, Rocky has informed me that the final production will have minor changes to enhance SQ after, mainly on clarity with notable bass reduce
Cheap but overall good SQ BA's are the SoundMAGIC PL50, MEElectronics A151, or the Astrotec AM-90   finally finished my review, for those interested!
Finally finished my DN-19 Review,   Again, thanks to Rocky for giving me this privilege.   I will continue to do some more critical listening with my DN-19, and will edit my review accordingly if I feel like my opinion has changed.   For those who have questions, feel free to ask!
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