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Been out of the IEM buying field for awhile and thought I'd stop by to check on the forum. I see you're nearing that 300 review mark, keep it up Joker, and thank you for the hard work and contribution!
So Joker, maybe you can describe the Aviator sound signature a little bit? And isolation is also important to me, using your rating as reference, what score will the Aviator get in sound isolation?   My favorite IEM is the FXT90, does the sig match the Aviator's?
That's a shame, would've been great to see a comparison to the highly praised M-80, thanks anyway!
Joker, forgive me if this has been asked before, but have you got the chance to hear the V-Moda M-100? What's your opinion of them compared to the M-80?
Just a word of warning, the golden version cable is much more rigid (more tangle prone, more memory) than the black normal version, and not in a good way.
Thanks for the comparison! The FXT90 is one of my favorite earphones though, easy comfortable fit and very natural timbre, I love how guitars sound on it, bass is perfect amount for me, highs and mids are there, just never really annoyed me, but didn't really wow-ed my either. To each his own I guess 
Joker, have you had any chance to hear the new JVC FXZ100 or 200? I'm wondering if it'll be worth it to upgrade from the FXT90
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