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same. i use them often, i bought it before all these reviews and im glad i did, very happy with them especially paired with fiio e6
i also own these. very happy
Newest purchase   Shes not so mad now that she got to sit on it, shes like its REALLY comfortable (the back seat is.. super comfy) its nice, til i cracked the throttle and it almost pulled a wheely, she got scared and said never again....
oh i told her i was looking at a snowmachine, and she said she wont ride. but i am going to change that, she grew up where atv's are banned etc so she is afraid of them in general. shes a good girl. love her to death, we get along 150% of time. but yeah, lol i know why, its because its alot of money and she doesnt make a lot, she tells me sometimes that she feels worthless and i had to reassure her that she isnt, she works hard and yeah the pay is low. but thats her...
i forgot all about this post, read all the comments, very good points. lol.   shes angry at me again, just bought a snowmobile tonight. but i made sure it was a 2 up (2 seater) so she can ride with me (: i did the right thing right?. about disposeable income, yeah we have quite a bit. we both have jobs, i pay all the bills, i get 2k from the army every month to for college for rent, i also receieve 1228 a month for rest of life for compensation from military...
i own them and very happy,, happier paired with fiio e6
im glad i bought a 4 year accidental warranty from sqauretrade for $30.. i dont want to repair anything honestly. ever and i can be as rough as i want with them as well
They sound amazing with the little fiio e6 i picked up for 29 shipped on amazon, its quite imperssive how much of a different there is. very happy. very very very happy.
what makes these so good?...sorry im newbie
Lol.     her computer crashed recently and i had to save it, i just copied her hard drive over using a enclosure/ etc flashing it. and i found a folder on her laptop as i was copying over ... *Wedding* it was titled. My favorite animal is a penguin, etc.. she had like 20 pictures of penguin wedding cakes, like 30-40 pictures of wedding dresses, beaches, scenes, honeymoon beds/rooms etc...   ruh roh. we are to young to get married. im not saying anything to her....
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