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Hey gang. Long time!   So, I was in the goodwill a few months ago and found some ANC7s in OK shape for something like 6 bucks. I snapped them up and got 'em home to find that they worked in passive mode but they go dead when I flip on the noise cancellation (no big surprise). My instincts tell me there's a good chance a battery contact got bent and the circuit isn't closed, but I can't figure out how to take the damn things apart. They've been sitting in a drawer...
Have you guys heard the new Prurient yet? I really dig it! Couldn't find my favorite track off the album on youtube, but here are some others.   Also, Melvins, thanks again for turning me on to Earth a few months back! I'm actually going to see them play next week. Lookin' forward to it!
Hmm, maybe I oughta check out a pair of these new-fangled orthos, since I have an old school Pioneer SX myself...    
I have pretty noticeable hiss on all my headphones through my pioneer sx-828 - except for my fostex t40.  nice thing about the 828 is it has a -20db mute switch that addresses the headphone problem pretty well :D
well of course you guys couldn't find any.  BMF bought 'em all XD
I hate shaving but I never really bother growing a proper beard either.  I kept a pretty epic one once for about 9 months once, though.
Argh! I was just in Portland a couple weeks ago! >_<   All the audio stores are pretty much on Roosevelt in the U district and there's one in Belltown that I know of.  Google it.
wind016: yeah, I've kinda assumed I would have to expand the budget to get something better than, say, my Fostex T40, though I think the 7000 and any of the AT woodies might be more than I'm willing to bite on.  Especially since I want to get a new DAC, too.   priest: would love to audition Denons, but I don't think there are any Denon dealers in Seattle - or Washington state for that matter. :(
  ATH-2?  Did anyone ever figure out how to make that thing sound good?  Sorry, haven't been around.  I have one that lives in a box currently.    
I know I pop in every couple of years and say this, but DANG, this thread is still goin'?  Golf clap, gentlemen.  Golf clap.   Dug my ol' Fostex out for the first time in a while and gave them a listen last night.  After spending all week auditioning 'good' portables in my closed-can-for-office search, I realize anew how good the Fostexen sound.  Any new discoveries/developments in T40 land?  I never got around to cramming that paper 'chamois' in there like you...
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