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Price drop to £60 looking for a quick sale. Cheers.
Looking to sell an Objective 2 amplifier in black and SMSL SD-022+ USB DAC with cable and RCA -> 3.5mm to use with the O2. Makes for a great starter setup but now gets little use due to moving to portables. Both are in like new condition and come with all the original accessories, price includes shipping to UK (1st class) or add £10 for EU. Bank transfer only, will ship the day or day after payment depending on the time.   Picture is a lazy one unfortunately.
Trade pending
I've pmd you with Interest fella!
Looking to trade my Sennheiser HD650s for a pair of earphones, they're the  latest version (silver screen) and are in like new condition, with everything including  documentation, I bought them from another head-fi member last year to try them, the  pads are 3 months old and the headphones have around 8h wear time. I'm in need of a pair of earphones nothing specific but must be in-ear and good, comfortable and fuss-less cable preferred. Also looking for a portable source...
  I haven't been able to listen to a 'black screen' HD650 yet, although I did try a new cable and removing the foam sheet and neither gave any audible difference to my ears. I'd try the de-foam mod on the baffle side of the driver but I'm reluctant as there's no easy way to reverse it.
Bought from Angelsblood before, really nice fella, buy with confidence.
I'm looking for a pair of Shure SE215s, if you have a pair in good condition PM me your price. EU preferred but not necesasry.
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