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I've been a dedicated PX-100 (original version) user for the last 5 years, but the left side started cutting in and out last week. The price has gone up to around $80 now, I guess because Sennheiser stopped making them (big mistake!), having replaced them with the PX-100 II. So I decided to try the Portapro, which sells for $30.   My first impression is that they don't sound entirely different from the PX-100, which is great. After a few hours, I can say that the...
Just got a uDAC today, which I'm using with my trusty PX100 (1st generation). The pairing is excellent. The combination of the PX100's warmth and smoothness with the uDAC's detail and crispness is beautiful. I wasn't sure whether I would hear much of a difference from my MacBook audio jack, but the difference is actually huge. I didn't know the PX100 could sound so detailed and tight.   I highly recommend the uDAC/PX100 combo as a budget system. I've been satisfied...
Quote: Originally Posted by scompton Take off the pad and check for a hair on the diaphragm. I've read many times that this can cause buzzing. That was it! I had looked under the pad earlier but didn't notice that there were a few hairs there. I removed them with tweezers and now the buzzing seems to be gone. Thanks so much. I was afraid I would have to buy a new pair.
My 4 year old PX100s recently started buzzing/rattling in the left ear. Certain notes trigger the buzz, and particularly lower-end notes. The sound seems fine otherwise – the buzz is just on top of the normal sound. I've heard of this problem before, but couldn't find anything on Head-Fi about it. Does anyone have any insight? Is there a known fix?
Sold for $160 + shipping.
I just got a pair of HD580's, and I've been using them out of my MacBook, and occasionally out of my Yamaha A/V receiver. I'm finding that in both cases, the 580's are too bright, with not enough bass. I like a warm sound, with a somewhat subdued treble. I would appreciate any amp recommendations, either portable or not, in the $100-200 range. I mostly listen to jazz, and a little bit of everything else. Thanks!
I would love to hear some impressions with 580/600.
Just got my first pair of 580's yesterday. Here are some of my early impressions, straight out of my MacBook with no amp: - They're too bright. I'm having to EQ the treble down. - Instrument separation is ridiculously good. I can hear every single instrument clearly. I'm blown away by this. These must be great for sound mixing. I'm wondering if an amp might warm them up and take care of the brightness. Any thoughts?
I've been using mine exclusively for the past 2 years. The sound is just so smooth and nicely balanced.
I'm in Montreal, but shipping from Toronto should be pretty cheap, so if you've got 'em, I want 'em.
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