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Bump, great price on a great amp!
Quote: Originally posted by john_jcb When I first got mine I was amazed at how tiring the noise really was. I arrived at my destination far fresher than I can ever remember. Amen to that, the first time I flew with them I was doing a California to Florida trip and both legs there was a crying baby going at it the whole trip either next to me or behind me. And you know what? I just didn't care! I find I can't even describe how much better flying...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ttvetjanu It's not that the computer would suddenly reboot. After the computer has shut down, it decides to restart. Yesterday I counted to 5 before the computer restarted. Before this the computer had appeared to be completely shut down. Is that different than its behavior normally when you do a restart? I've got some around here that take almost that long for their restart. If so, I'm voting for an immediate return,...
I would look at Yamaha's myself. They've had a number of winners at the low end over the years though I'm not sure what they're selling now.
Quote: Originally Posted by immtbiker Janet Jackson was more exciting out of the 3 Uhh, I think we were speaking musically though...
Do you really do anything that would need or take advantage of a quad core? Generally speaking you'll get better performance from a dual core that is running faster for less money than a quad processor.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus Lou did this at one point with at least 1,000 posts. ... I don't think it was Lou, I like Lou, no matter what foibles he might have.
*shrug* If you like Springsteen it was a good half time show. I don't like him and I would rate it up there as one of the better ones I've seen. I think he was a great choice for the people who would watch the SuperBowl.
Quote: Originally Posted by TheMarchingMule That may be a crucial point in the possibility that there's something wrong with the circuitry. Maybe it can't trip something that tells it to power down, and instead maybe the midget inside is an insomniac that has to keep on going. Or it might be experiencing a fault in the kernel. Could still be the graphic driver. I'm not sure if it's worth your time to debug the situation. My guess would be that on...
Dear Head-Fi, My headphones sound muffled and far away. I am disappointed since they were reviewed so well. Can you recommend something that would be more up front and less muffled? Regards, Mr Wax
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