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Is there any chance that the cables from the B&W P5 or the Bose OE2/OE2i (both of which have very slim 2.5mm jacks) can fit (and bypass the locking mechanism) in the HD6/7/8? I've also been wondering this about the cables in the AT M50x and M40x...
 I just stumbled upon this thread, and unfortunately don't have the time to read through the 17 pages of it to to see if this had already been answered, but does anyone know if the B&W P5's iOS remote/mic cable's 2.5mm jack is slim enough to fit into the HD6/7/8's slot? I ordered the cable and found that the 2.5mm jack's housing is slim enough to fit in the slots of my HD 439 and my Bose OE2. Perhaps it can fit in these, too?
Hey guys and gals... I searched around Head-fi for a while to see if there were any other threads where this contest was being discussed, and couldn't find a peep, so apologies if I'm posting a redundant thread.   Beyerdynamic is currently holding a contest over at my-headphone.com where users can design their own Custom One Pros (think NikeID). The user whose design gets the most votes gets their headphone released as a limited edition! The contest is going til the end...
Awesome! I appreciate it! :)
I was actually also wondering about this... Does anyone have any experience plugging the V-Moda cable into the Custom One Pro? I know that it technically should fit into the jack, but there is that possibility that the actual housing around the V-Moda plug may be too large for the COP jack (I experienced this when trying to plug a V-Moda cable into a pair of Incase Sonics).   If anyone has experienced plugging the V-Moda cable into the Monoprice 8323s, I'd like to know as...
  After trying the headband flattening that was demonstrated in that V/M-80 promo video, they actually feel great! I love these things now! 
Yeah, you sacrifice a bit of isolation using the velour pads on the HD 25s, but the difference in isolation vs. the difference in comfort after extended listening is worth it. I'll try to do a coffee shop isolation test sometime this weekend. 
  Wow, the headband bending helped a lot! Thanks for the tip! Yeah... The M-80s' fit went from painful to nice and snug after doing this. I haven't noticed any compromise in sound quality, either.      Great news! I'll be the first to order the velour pads! :D  
Hi, guys... I'm new to posting here (though I've been coming here for years to read what people have to say about one headphone or another)... Although I entered this contest, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to buy a pair of the M-80s from my local Radio Shack a couple days ago. I gotta say that these sound pretty friggin nice. With regards to sound quality, I agree more or less with Dsnuts, so I won't repeat what he wrote in his review. If you imagine the sound...
1. Nu-Skool Breaks 2. Glitch-hop 3. Trance   Monterey, California   Thanks! :)
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