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 Grats, none of you are insane =)
I didn't mind the wait and have never had problems with Justin, quite the opposite, but there are consumer laws in play that among other things define the rules.  Ie until you read the laws of the region don't spout whatever your local retailer would like you to believe they are ;)
 He didn't say loss of clarity he said darker.  That's a tonal shift not a detail loss.
Responded to mine in hours.  And then again in hours to ignore it and put me back on the list.
Email or PM Schiit directly.  Jason has an account on Head-Fi.
Presume you mean Aphla Dogs...  They are pretty inefficient and the MiniM8 is advertised as an iem amp so... who knows.
I'd have to check the Vegas line on that ;)
After the LF I had zero interest in the LAu.  Cavalli products just aren't priced competitively.  HeadAmp and Schiit though provide very high performance for the price.
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