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If it was me... AK100II, the new silver one, and call it a day.  Also if you have to get something else than the M50... keep looking.  The 770 just isn't good for the money.
Now I'm confused...   Are you looking at the old black AK100 mk2 or the new silver AK100II?  They are wildly different and this thread is for the older black model.
 I honestly don't know any that would be worth getting for home use.  Save your money and just get a Schiit Asgard 2 for home. The AK100 mk2 should run the 770 alone but unless you already own it...the AT50 is a better headphone and you should just stick with it.
 Very high output impedance.  Basically unusable for in ears and other headphones with impedance that swings.  Even those that measure flat impedance wise would have poor dampening.  Just a poor choice unless the headphone is high impedance and fairly flat impedance curve. LCD-2 on your desk is fine but still demands desktop amplification for make the price tag worth it.  That said, with the right amp the LCD-2 is awesome.
 But then so is the LCD-2 so... One don't get the Sony it is not a good design for headphones.  Two LCD-2 and portable just isn't something worth pursuing.  Three for a portable rig the AK100 mk2 by itself is all you need.  And then only if you get a discount, otherwise get the AK100II.
The Gungnir will sound nothing like the L3.  Today's DACs just don't sound like those of yesteryear.  Good news is you can buy those old DACs on AudioGon pretty much all day.  You could go even deeper into that time period with the likes of Adcom, Classe or Meridian models that are great examples of the technology at the time.
 The high res thing is just iDevices the PC connection is full spec.  That said, yes you plugged it in on a Mac, you got an error message, your unit is broken.  More specifically since the iPhones work, the XMOS section is likely at fault.
 Glad to hear it.  Your original post did not mention that.  
Check your manual for Centrance's contact.  This is Head-Fi, not Centrance support and while we can help... we can't exchange your faulty M8 ;)
If you love the sound of older players then hold onto your current Sony.  Newer, good, models are more precise, have lower jitter, tighter timing and things that comes along as technology improves.  But not everyone likes pinpoint imaging or starting and stopping on a dime.  I do, but you seem to favour a full round sound.  While the Gungnir is quite a bit warmer than my PWD2, compared to the Sony it's going to be razor sharp.
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