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 Yes.  What they are I cannot say but you can't make all the those changes and arrive at the same place.  Suffice to say the 2015 version is better.
 Yes.  Or vice versa a BNC cable with an adapter which a lot of the BNC cables come with to begin with.
 I would say the 28 has more dev time in it and is an overall better product but... it's still a Sabre and they aren't for everyone. The 10 is an SMD version of the 28 amp wise but is missing the newer relay attenuator and inner case shielding.  It's a Wolfson so a safer bet for your goal of warmth.
Setting it to a steady state instead of variable helps but ultimately you have a faulty screen.  PSA will send you another one if you like or you can send it in to be replaced.
Any input can be heard by any output.
I was excited in what I hoped was a feature stripped and smaller PWD2 in the NWD but your ears aren't lying the NWD is just not special.  The DSD seems to be hit and miss by the looks of reviews too.  Makes the PWD2 the standout in PSA DAC history as far as consensus great DACs for the money.  Given people chase the new shiny, the PWD2 can be snagged used for peanuts right now making what was already a great deal a no brainer.
Visually nothing changes.  Sonically I'd be hard pressed to notice a difference.
With a few exceptions most are stable.  I'm currently running 2.4.6 without issue.
 Ah but he wants MORE not superb ;)  The GS-X mk2 is the only amp I've heard the 800 on that had acceptable bass levels, and yes the quality was insane, but LCD-3 bass dB levels?  No.
Sabre and low output impedance would be a 180 from giving the 800 more bass.  You want a 1704 or AKM based DAC and high output impedance like you would get from an OTL amplifier.  Or do what a lot of us do eventually... drop the 800 and get a headphone that sounds the way we like without having a system built around it's flaws ;)
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