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 Yes.  The upgrade process is a simple FPGA hex dump.  It takes the file and overwrites the current information with the new... or old... it doesn't care.
Especially since AK200 and AK220 is what is written on the back of the new players.
Last question...   How is input selection handled?  Is it that while the toslink/coax input is connected it overrides everything else and the usb switch controls whether it is a PC or iDevice?  Or does the switch's middle position double as the toslink/coax selection?
Full page is not up on the main page as well.   Light on detail though so...   Volume done in the digital domain or analog?   What cables, case, separator etc will be included?   Gain selections, output impedance, power output?
  Adding resistance is only going make it harder to drive by loss of both damping factor and voltage available.  Or are you looking to correct a tonal issue?
That isn't by means of "tuning" in software but by having the same output impedance hence the same tonal balance or correction if you prefer as the AK120.  Which is to say loading the same software on the same platform results in the same tuning and any differences have to come from outside the processor.
Yes to leather case.  The RW badge makes the fit interesting but still the case is nice.  The firmware and hardware is otherwise exactly the same.  They literally pulled two 20ohm resistors and inserted 3ohm ones, got Dignis to make a case, added mk2 to the rear and boom... new model.
 Because paying extra for the mk2 only to bypass the only difference between it and the mk1 seems like a terrible waste of money.  The mk1 might simply be out of production now.
If you can swing it the Gungnir is the better dac even single ended.
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