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 At some point you would think someone would make an amp for the most likely scenario in public or at work... iems.  Sigh.
 True but the quoted post said Rag not Yggy.  In bold no less :P
It's ok agooh their insults are so basic.  So basic.  Right there with you that the 800 while not horrid would be if not for the great soundstage.  It's faults out weigh it's benefits.  And yes Head-Fi hype trains really do need to be taken with massive grains of salt because often it feels like Legoland around here.
 True but then those aren't balanced outputs are they.  They are in fact the single ended outputs.  The only single ended outputs on the thing.  Hence the only ones I could have been referring to ;)
Not sure it matters since the GS-X mk2 will have a plug for whatever connection is on your headphones.  Just plug them directly.  For the sake of your education... you can plug balanced headphones into a single ended socket, you cannot plug single ended headphones into a balanced socket or it will go boom.
 Given the Yggy doesn't have the analog output they planned, partially because of space by the looks of it, there could well be another version down the line that shrinks it down, creates more layers or a larger case to squeeze it in.  Or not.
 That is shortened by turning them on and off.  I never turned mine off and never had to replace a tube.  To each their own.
 Everything you ever bought for audio is supposed to be one 24/7... if you care.  Yggy is no different.  If you care about the benefit more than the electrical cost... leave it on.  Leave it all on and be glad this is Head-Fi and not Class A 1kW Speaker-Fi :P
 Installing the board is trivial.  Get the LEDs lined up to slide the case back on... no fun.
The toslink input can absolutely take 88 and 176 assuming the sender can send it cleanly.   Wyred is also a reclocker as are all usb hubs.  The Gungnir USB is powered by the cable not the internal power supply.   Can't overstate how awesome the HumX is.  Not subtle at all and if you have iems you can easily hear the difference it makes by just listening to silence or what should be with and without it in place.
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