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Can't go wrong with the PWD2 at the prices you can snag one used right now.
 As the gents explained gain multiplies voltage.  But it doesn't increase the maximum power the amp is can output before clipping.  Which is to say that if the input is high enough you can reach maximum power while on low gain.  And conversely if the input is low enough not hit the maximum while on high gain.  Hence gain is an input multiplier not a maximum power toggle.
 First let's not confuse gain with power.  That said, low gain for all but some very low volume material.
Not here.  Keep in mind that it tends to ignore buttons whether real or touch ones until it finishes reading the file.  The bit and rate appear at that point.
 Unless you missed a few zeros... you're wrong ;)  Even in the home DAC market there is a vast gap between a $100 DAC and a $2500 one.  Diminishing returns kicks in around $1000 in my experience.  And then only because of companies like Schiit.
 What's interesting about the AK240 is that it's output impedance is moderately high for the 846 but in balanced mode drops some which would tonally lift a veil from the music.  Love to hear it single ended and balanced after bypassing the output resistors.  Not even sure the RWAK240 does that.
 Grats, none of you are insane =)
I didn't mind the wait and have never had problems with Justin, quite the opposite, but there are consumer laws in play that among other things define the rules.  Ie until you read the laws of the region don't spout whatever your local retailer would like you to believe they are ;)
 He didn't say loss of clarity he said darker.  That's a tonal shift not a detail loss.
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