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Didn't say it didn't.
Dual mono is pure marketing is this case and yes internally it is single ended.  It is dual mono in the same way every two channel amp that shares a pot and power supply is which is to say... not.
Sounds like your amp just has XLR inputs for convenience and that only the + taps are used internally.  What is it?   And yes the Gungnir is better than the Bifrost Uber.
Didn't what?   The Gungnir is awesome with the Mjolnir.  They balance each other out... FOR ME.  Some people will love the darkness of the Gungnir or the brightness of the Mjolnir.  Hell some people even like doubling up and using the Mjolnir with the HD800 :P
 Only SOLID STATE circlotron.  But yes the amps and dacs are on par with each other.  Which is not to say that you will like the signature.
Yes the clock upgrades are worth it.  Especially if you don't keep the unit powered on all the time.  Basically the upgraded clocks keep their tight timing even in temperature variations.  Normal clocks can drift with temperature.   And like the man said, even if just to have better resale, it's money well spent.  Kingwa should really just stop using the non upgraded clocks so that the product is always the best it can be but who knows maybe he's sitting on thousands of...
When I had my questions it was all sorts of useless to try and contact AK using the contact information on their  websites.  But JmoonAK here on Head-Fi was good about getting answers.  Ultimately the problem was one they all had so I kept the AK100 mk2 I have instead of getting it swapped.   So yes, buy the AK products because they are good and pray nothing goes wrong because service isn't high on the company to-do list or don't because the risk is too high.
Gen2 is the same company as Gen1 but their newer mode.  CMedia I believe, not XMOS.  From their site...    Featuring the C-Media CM6631A receiver and additional isolation and filtering, 
Mjolnir, it's not even debatable.  The Gungnir is actually quite warm and forgiving.  Easily my second favourite DAC but too dark for the GS-X mk2.  The Mjolnir with the PWD2 I have is too forward and bright for me and that was with the LCD-3, nevermind the HD800.
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