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 You may not like the 009 then.  It is pretty linear.
 In all seriousness everyone is entitled to like what they like.  But for me at that price I'm running for the 009 since it costs less, measures well, looks the part and generally passes the sniff test while the Abyss well... doesn't.  Or at lease that was once true.  I'm out of the open headphone game so the ceiling is quite a bit more affordable and less bulky =)
 But you liked the train wreck that is the Abyss?
 Don't get it at all and save the whole price.  Or get the HiFiMAN 560 and save a lot more than 1500.
No idea about Linux but it has latency issues in Windows so unless it is for music only... look elsewhere.
 That's about 1200 too high for a new unit even years ago when they were a current model.
Take the GS-1, increase the natural feel and effortlessness to the sound, increase the presence of lower octaves, dial in that butter smooth treble and you have the GS-X mk2.  The new parts selected and increased bias really did take an already great 10/10 circuit and crank it to 11.   And if for whatever reason you don't like it, they sell for used, what they cost new... even years later.  Often more than the original price.  Similar to my HeadAmp KGSS, the money spent...
 It'll be as double amped as my PWD2 into the GS-X mk2 is.  People really need to start seeing the presence of an output stage as a positive on the portable side.  Not aimed at you in particular but it just drives me nuts that for some reason the minute a DAC isn't sitting on a desk or stereo rack that implementing an active line output somehow becomes a bad thing.
And that's the way the previous firmwares have worked for me.  No change there from firmware 2.01, 2.10, 2.20 or 2.30.
Why stop there.  The W4S DAC-2 costs even less and still has that Sabre "goodness".
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