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Has anyone tried the German Maestro 450's(charter oaks) on either the Mjolnir or BHA-1?
Are these any different from the German Maesto's? they look to be the exact same thing. Just wandering if anyone knows.
Very nice. By the way how long did it take to do the the re-cable?
Have you seen the new Nuforce UDH-100 amp. From the specs, it seems like it would be a good match for these.
  What amp have you used to power them?  
What type of Amp/Dacs are you people using for the SA5000
i wonder if you can get a pair of the Qualia raw drivers from sony and hack the sa5000's.
wouldn't the Sa5k be more comparable to the hd 650's? Qualia 010 vs hd 800, thats seems to be fair
Just went over the pro's and cons of the Sony sa5000's and Senn hd650's and i'm now started to lean towards the 650's(mostly because of price and modability) but now i would like to find a good Solid state for the senns? any suggestions?
Yea the phone was about to implode when it tried writing in the script editor. Never again.   What cable should i go with for these? I was looking at buying some moon audio black dragon cables but there rather expensive.
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