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Quote: Originally Posted by W.T. poor 60's next time dont leave em on the floor!! But they are right... time for a recable... get alex from apuresound.com to do it Or should I send them to Senn service dept for recabling?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zorander It was your fault for leaving such pricey gear on the floor, which also shows how much you really value them. No, the headphones are on the listening chair and the cable is partially on the floor with the rest of it connected to the amp on the rack. In my setup there's no way you can avoid not having some of the cable on the floor.
Maybe she's smarter than I think. There are quite a few cables lying around but she picked the most expensive cable and went for the "kill" with the vaccum cleaner.
Idiot mom was vacuuming the carpet. The Baby O cable was resting on the carpet and got tangled into the motorized/rotating head with a brush. Not a pretty sight. I just rescued the tangled cable from the vacuum cleaner and it now has scraps all over it. The motto of this story is never leave your treasured headphones unattended. All kinds of crazy sh1t can happen.
How good is the 970 on SACD playback? I've seen some hi-end manufacturers using it for demo at CES. Can it beat dedicated redbook CDP costing up to $5k? Thanks!
WTB Woo Audio Stax tube amp.
WTB: Stax 007t tube amp US 117V in mint condition.
Has anyone tried the matching amp for K1000 from AKG?
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