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Yes, that is interesting and I am waiting for the result.
It's very easy if you hear two tones after another but more difficult with a single tone. I have a CD with test tones (sinus tones) for speakers and listened to 100 and 50 Hz. I have another amp for the speakers and compared not directly but the slight hum I can hear from Leben should be 50 Hz taken from memory. The 100 Hz tone differs clearly from the Leben hum.
It certainly has a higher noise floor than modern SS amps.
  It you really want to destroy your ears you could try with 20 ohm resistors for higher output!   Congratulations to the improvements! I didn't say that a choke removes humming and only asked my tube guru about it and he said that it is a good idea and it reduces noise. I think that it was Raaf who had done it and reported positive results. I don't experience humming as a problem and have no plan of trying it for that reason, but maybe because of the general improvement...
Looks like Duelund capacitors, the big ones in the picture are very expensive!  
Thanks Raaf and BugleBoy! Looking closer at the picture I can see that it is a plate and not a box. I thought that was some goodie in the box that you only get with the X model. It is not so but there are still a few components of higher quality in the X model.
  I assumed it was a choke because it has been said that there is a choke in the CS300X model and there is no such box in the CS300. In the CS300 there is no box as in the picture I published and neither the resistors on you picture. Is the box just a cover for the resistors or what is in it?
The choke on the CS-300X is located in the upper section of the amplifier, between the power supply and the transformers. I don't know how it is connected and the circuit, but it is probably wired differently than Raaf's choke.  
I spoke with my tube amp guru today, he has a long experience of designing and repairing tube amps. He didn't believe that driving HE-6 direct from the speaker outputs would damage the amplifier, but could not give a guarantee. He said that it is safe with a parallel resistor and also could be an advantage because the impedance (total impedance of the parallel circuit) is closer to what the amp is designed for. The resistor could be between 10 and 20 ohm, 5 W. If I...
I also believe that the distortion depends on the power demand of HE-6.   Please tell us what Leben say about driving headphones on the speaker outputs. It has been reported earlier that the power is enough for HE-6 but the impedance mismatch could possibly damage the transformers. That is probably the only part of the amplifier that can't easily be repaired, and would be expensive too.
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