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Yep, those are some fine looking earphones in design as well as the look. Looked over the page but still no price? Look forward to hearing these
Anybody know if the AP60 will have the same 7 band custom EQ like in the AP100?
Fine for me with proper bending of the memory wire but they are not for smaller ear canals. I know someone who couldn't fit them right and they sold them on. I thought the seal/isolation was average range but not as good as something that fits in and fills the ear. The E40 due to it's shape/size stays outside more and lets more noise in that way than a Shure or Westone shaped earphone will.   Since you are buying from overseas I will say they are a bit of a fit risk and...
Nice little tidbit of info there.   Any more about what the two might be?
I bought them earlier this year from SP with a discount and the $30 code works as of this moment. If they put ATH-E40-30 in the code box it works. If not put right, no caps or missing dashes etc. it says not valid.
That would be the Zero. 0 or 00(apparently) are "maybe I'll give you some" if you wear over the ear and shove em in there with the right tips and It's in the mood :)
How is it better/different than the regular series 1? What did you think it was gonna be like?? I remember back in the day comparing the CK10 and RE-0. How much work it was to get a good seal to get whatever bass you could out of them.
Someone orrect m3, but I think it is a 32mm in the 4 series. One spec I saw said 1.3 inch which is 33mm.
Yep. It is a shame. Nothing that can be done about it though probably.
Wow! Anyone else seen the MaGaosi(seem also branded Sanhoo) K1... Triple hybrids outta China that look very much like the Altas including MMCX and tuning filters
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