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http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Qian25-Bass-In-Ear-Earphone-Earbud-Headphones-Headset-Dynamic-Flat-Head-Plug-Earbud-Earphone-HIFI/32658261667.html?spm=2114.13010208.99999999.261.hAsNge Anybody had these?? Any good for $6?
No, the correct answer is.." I'll get the bass version" or "these have tuning filters so they should be fine or I can even take one pair of filters and tweak it right so they are a safer bet so I'll get one. "
Where you been D's?? The hybrids are getting quite cheap now. Trinity has the Master 4 which is a four driver hybrid with AT style dual phase push-pull drivers(titanium coated IIRC) plus 2 armatures in each side for a sweet price coming. 1more's Triple driver is about $100 as well and sound quite good according to the reviews.
Nice review as usual! Also kudos for shedding light on the recent and disturbing trend of no chin sliders   
Even w/o my glasses off they don't look much like the A2 :) Some gold color but after that pretty much the AX60 housing which is pretty different in most aspects. Glad they went with the tuning filters but I had suggested it and Paul reported they weren't doing it. Obviously the idea came from me so I want a review unit as compensation . I planned on trying them out but am in for a Master 4 pre-order so I'll stick with that for now.
Last day for the Sabre pre-order price :) I won't be comparing the two after all as Trinity brought back the middle model four driver and I upgraded so won't be getting the Sabre.   As push-push and other multi-driver hybrid earphones progress, they won't be getting any smaller. Good to invest in the big bi-flanges... Obviously the first one in the picture and the length will help those who need more depth help with certain phones.
Hisound, do you mean the longer they play as in a wearing session or total hours of run-in? The diaphragms can certainly loosen up and travel more and move more air and since the Zero is pretty much sealed up there woulds be more bass to them. I'm sure quite a few of us have heard that happen once or twice. Mine as pretty much the same as they were. Again I'm not trying for the best seal since firmer tips will give driver flex with the Zero so maybe I'm just not sealing in...
Perhaps it is the wood vibrating again. Tips warm up to closer to body temp and soften allowing more of the effect. I use the CLR tips cause they are quite a firm tip and I hear the unwanted vibrations go right away over some softer tips and they stay firmer even after using them for a good stretch so I don't hear that the longer they play. I like my Zero with stiff tips and an average seal. An average seal to not have that much bass slant/thickness as they possibly can...
Not that I like when they name drop or include a familiar used name but they are the TW1/ER4 so potential clue for how they are tuned?? Not sure Musicmaker phones are tuned to a house sound. The Ting/ Tomahawk and Tomahawk in-ear aren't that bassy(seems the in-ear has three tuning versions though), the SWIII isn't that bassy but the TK12 is. I guess there is only one way to find out :)
Not the FXT90 though similar looking(7mm drivers vs. 5.8 for the JVC) I thought you'd be continuing your micro driver quest with the Musicmaker TW1 by now... 
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