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A deal is a deal but that doesn't make the MX365 perform any better. It is just decent but not the MX375 which is the only one anyone should consider between the two. The 365 lacks focus(sounds a bit out of phase or blurred in the notes), is peaky and not as smooth or refined sounding as the MX375. Housing ergonomics and cable are also more thought out and well executed on the MX375 than the MX365.
Got me a pair of IM-02's yesterday. Had a listen to a predecessor CK90 Pro and owned the CK10. Like what they have done with this incarnation as far as the tuning. The bass is surprisingly satisfying. The last two earphones I have heard worthy of mention being the Rockets and CKR9.   Tips aren't much of an issue except for stage size. Most tips sound good anyhow. Not tip dependent in the way that there are a lot of bad matches and you need to find a good one. More of a...
Of course you committed a top level violation. No starting a review or impressions thread for something you don't actually have. Really, check the Head-fi rules and regulations section, I'm sure it's in there!
The 1.00 and 2.00 are the 28Ohm driver and the 3.00 and 5.00 are the 18Ohm driver. So, we can only speculate on them and how they behave. Not correct to say they will all present the same way and just have less quality because they are not the same driver. I read the 28Ohm driver is more balanced but not even sure where that was and only one mention so it would hold no real worth. Eventually some will hear those and be able to compare them.
I was gonna buy that adapter I linked to earlier for $7 but I also have some less than ideal synergy for my tastes. An interconnect that is a bit smooth and also the FiiO X1 treble combined with Rockets may not be as bright as I like though the metal EQ works pretty nicely. Of course EQ is disabled when using the LO on the FiiO. I'm gonna put the Rockets up FS and keep the X1 so I'd thought I give a heads up here first in case anyone who missed the BF $199 can get a nearly...
So who is gonna try the Soundsoul M10???
 I see in your signature the A71 as well. A short comparison of what  you think of those two would be interesting :) Your description of the TE-05 sounds similar to the A71 descriptions. Ahh, a guinea pig. Pricey indeed! Good luck with them. Hope they turn out well
Do you guys believe that not all gear works right/is compatible with the plugs wired for the mic? Usually more about that it won't work with amp X or source Y without needing an adapter to get both channels than it being too heavy.
 X2. Yep, today, 12/6/2014
Yeah, guess we more often talk of or mention peaks that are negative or excessive and not when they are still there and natural or even benign. The Rockets are peak free in that negative sense of course.  
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