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I think they are quite tip/fit dependent to get the best but solid. they have a certain refinement and they have a solid tuning and the driver behaves well. Thing is they just are not that capable. Fine for my purpose but an entry level model for sound. Smooth warm low end and a rolled top with pretty sweet mids. Laid back sort of sound good for podcasts and things you want to smooth or be forgiving on. Needs some treble EQ otherwise, Still a nice presentation and some...
See. Gotta get in early .
Yeah, I always wanted a better price on an OK1 :)   Anyhow, I guess I am the guinea pig for them from that US seller. Hope they come in when expected and w/o any delay.
Also free when $49 or more if anyone has something else to order. $1 off as well if you order something else from that seller. Only downside is that Silver only so far but wasn't gonna stop me :)  Hey, the Monk rank #3 in the good category. 50 slots lower than the RX-1, lol. They must dominate the Monk on most fronts Anyhow, I agree with ClieOS a majority of the time. Not quite as high a percentage as a few other reviewers but enough to agree on the Monk and certainly to...
Okay, I bit. The RX-1 are on Amazon US for $16 plus shipping(free with Prime) and will be in stock in a few day(says the 26th). So, with a bit of rewards points they were $20 total for me and they should get here quite a bit faster than from Ali.https://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Auglamour%20RX-1&index=blended&link_code=qs&sourceid=Mozilla-search&tag=mozilla-20
 After burn in the bass comes with some of the AT dual phase(I've heard it twice) and also fit which may surprise you will improve with use and reforming the memory wire(even if you think you are good now ). Also, they are not MMCX so those cables won't work you need AD2C connectors(unless you meant you were gonna change the Westone out). Connectors are out now and some places like Null will already make you cables with an extra $11US for the connectors.   I sometimes...
Don't think the OP has the post count to have permission start a classified as they don't want people signing up just to sell things or scam as people tend to do.
They first used the K3003 and now they want to use the new DUNU model to "help" them sell their product. If LZ, Musicmaker etc. can refrain from using those tactics so can the brand that shall not be named. I actually vote for mods not allowing threads for earphones named after other more established brands earphones. 
Would be nice to see how they compare to the Tennmak Pro and the D2 and then see how they stack up with the other $20-$30 well regarded stuff. Lovely color on the 300HD :)
8 days more to decide. Hard to resist.Look forward to the impressions and maybe how they stack up to the A4 that will be coming your way pretty soon. Though I would have to order them before that comparison or pay 20+ more $ :)
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