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Was on Penon today and wonder, if anyone knows, what is the difference(if any) between the Hiegi foams and the Feng foams?? Thanks!
Looks sweet! Memory wire or other approach for the over ear section??
Sounds good. Nice review. Look forward to hearing these. Kind of on a kick for semi-open earphones atm for both the bass and stage benefits(if done right of course). Even kicked my Audio-technica E40 to the curb in favor of the cheaper Sport3 model which  has the semi-open back and it does 3D and bass quality better than the closed E40 and closer to the other CKR's which have the similar vent behind the driver. Gotta love an earphone that "breathes" well :)
RX-1 fit is an issue and can be odd. They fit me a good bit better if swapped with the left in the right ear etc. but by looking at them it wouldn't be any different but it is for me. Over ears for me is exactly the same as normal wearing style for me. Fit and sound no different. Only reversing sides is a near zero issue fit. Still going hybrid with them whenever my JVC's arrive in the mail. Then I should have no issues.     TKY12 looks a bit better than the RX-1 shape...
I got a bit tired of the on the go fit of the RX-1 today(right ear moves and loses bass vs. the left) so ordered a pair of white EN-10... ...for the two pairs(long shown above and short) of caps. Should work well with them(work on the larger Edifier very well) and the white caps will match the silvers white cable nicely. I'll update to show how it goes :)     On another front, anyone here ordered the Moondrop earbuds?? Think I read in another thread someone did.
I agree. I think we can tell better how they will fit even straight down. Still thinking they will be good for the majority either way esp. now we can see the cable plugged in and tips on. Polished Aluminum was my choice mainly to go with the stock cable accents and some of my other cable choices. Though since I "traded in" my pre-order Sabre I actually haven't chosen a color or paid my balance as of yet.  You can cap it in black shrink tube easy enough:)  
Guys, we need a chart :) Who is using what cable with the 4in1 and what the impression is with that cable and vs. the stock cable if they have one.
You mean the one with the name we are not allowed to say. Unless there is one that actually has no name(in that case I'm lost). What source is the comparison done with. Thanks!
$10 from MEE...http://www.meeaudio.com/CABLE-STEREO-M6PRO-CL/
Didn't see this one posted yet....http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/New-MusicMaker-KTONEKING-TKY1-In-Ear-Earphone-HIFI-Fever-Metal-DIY-HIFI-Bass-Earphone-Headset-Free/1825606_32710921830.html   MM do have some nice soundstage in some other models and these have good chunky housings so I think they may be one for a budget big stage leader.
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