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DUNU getting a bit silly trying to capitalize on the hybrid craze but armatures DO NOT belong in earbuds. They really need to have seal. Maybe even okay to put them in a headphone as has been done but again if the pads seal right it can work. In earbuds and somewhat larger size ones like the Alpha 1. They really think that was gonna work well ?? :)     Not armature shy myself. Just bought an excellent condition Phiaton PS200 dual a couple days ago for $50 shipped. Great...
Not sure if I missed it already but anything on this one... https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/100-Original-LaoZe-DIY-3-5mm-In-Ear-Flat-Head-Plug-Earphone-Earplug-Bass-HIFI-Earphone/1727211_32756525581.html
Koss UR42i... https://www.koss.com/headphones/over-ear-headphones/ur42i   They spout the "Hi-Res driver" marketing blurb. Interesting but skeptical for $50 as Koss hasn't done much well at $50 and under in a long time. Just meh stuff for the most part and living off the KSC, Porta, and Sporta-Pro. UR55 was decent but needed the mod to shine a bit. Needs to be better than the UR55 and UR40 or skip it, IMO. Of course they have to be due for another big winner sometime...
So, how does the radio work with the screen off with the buttons?? Read the manual and it talks only about the touch screen. I'd assume FF and RW are presets or increment tuning based on what mode it has been set and Play/Pause used to be mute but wasn't in the previous A series.
There are Ostry OS tips out there people! Bang! Done! No more Senfer treble issues. Don't have them? Why not? That is why you are here on Head-Fi; to know about these things.
So, with that big tornado vent thing out the top there, how do you know that they have good isolation ??
Plenty of buds have great bass but not enough or weak that needs amping to bring out. Amount and quality need not coincide.If the PT15 has a bit more bass than the original monk that would be great :) Those never took off and I saw a couple of meh/ near negative impressions early. If they are an RX-1 with balls then I don't know what happened. In that case they should be popular and recommended often around here. 
Nope. Never heard of it. News to us. Oh, and there is also a dynamic in there to go with the 2BA in case you missed that :)
They have replaceable cables and you can choose from plenty of cable options with mic. Or you can still find the Westone T1 for $49 or cheaper http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_116225_Westone-TS1-79298-Talk-Series-Generic-Packaging.html
Still gonna wait for impressions even if I miss a "deal". Don't need another RX-1 so if the PT15 do bear fruit for me(i.e. impressions report a good amount of bass) I'll get them later on. Still be deals and % of after a while anyhow. Why spend $14 that I end up not needing when I can put it towards something else. RX-1 and the AT CP700 is like having two RX-1 already so I don't need a third :)   Though the deal will be good for me in that it should generate more of...
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