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Hmmmmm... http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=https://www.audio-technica.co.jp/atj/show_model.php%3FmodelId%3D2699&prev=search   Home > General Products > headphone > inner-ear (ear plug type) > ATH-CKR100 2016 06 May 17 sale   In-ear headphones ATH-CKR100 Open price Pure iron yoke adoption of "DUAL PHASE PUSH-PULL DRIVERS" the truth of the sound to enjoy a high-rigidity titanium housing which is excellent in mounting acoustic...
They didn't say that. In the same league or as good quality doesn't mean they sound like the P1. Plus there is sound tuning on the DQSM to alter the signature some.
Maybe the Sabre.....https://trinity-audio-engineering.myshopify.com/products/trinity-phantom-sabre-push-pull-twin-drive-in-ear-monitor   You can tune. They are known to be effortless cause they are easy to drive so good out of phones and unamped. You can change cables and get the BT adapter. Said to be V but smooth as in you get a bit more vibrant sound than you have but those who have heard say there are no bad peaks. FXH30 is akin to Titan 1 like B9 says and Sabre is...
...and Easy T3 perhaps.
Also found a JVC cable winder of this style... ...that I will include as well.
Hi,   Up for sale I have a couple of buds I have decided to sell. I think I only need one pair of buds based on my limited use. FS are an original version Monk and what I bought as a Dark Horse ES-E4(from Easy Earphone on Aliexpress). http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2016-New-Arrived-ES-E4-Hifi-In-Ear-Earbuds-In-Ear-Earphone-Alloy-Tune-Earbuds-DIY/32614629171.html   They are both in perfect looking and performing shape. They come with a case, clip, multiple pairs of...
Well then not sure about the low frequency specifics :) The right tips and fit there should be no flex. I actually like the Zero without a fit trying to get the most seal anyhow since the driver breathes better which give better balance and quickness and the best sub to midbass ratio(a bit more sub than mid).
I don't think you mean driver flex. The driver flexing if something is playing totally stops any sort of playback and makes a huge crinkle noise. If music could still be playing than it is something else cause what we mean by driver flex totally deforms and the speaker does not work at all for that second or split second.
Bob should make an earbud with screw on caps for tuning and the two pin cables.
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