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I am really sorry but i am yet to try a HiFiMAN DAP which is a real shame. I guess the performance should be quite similar to the 801 considering they both use a PCM1704 DAC. Then again there should be a 1794 DAC board for this soon as well as a balanced amp board so the performance of this could well keep going up and you can customise it for your self but then the 901 allows you to switch amp boards and comes balanced. Hopefully i will get the 901 to review shortly and...
It is the RE-600 Songbird and the RE-400 also has a fancy name which i have now forgot....
you must know it is very good!
he was another miow ahahah
i have found that it does not matter where in the sd card i stick the item i want to flash. Thanks for that though. My problem is something different i guess. So i rootedmy nexus 7 and unlocked it. Do i have to do anything else before i can get kernels on it? Btw if it helps i am in the UK so my n7 is a uk one?
having heard neither i am not the guy for that. I hopefully will get the RE-600 and can help then but until nearer the release you will have to wait!
what is driver count? Far from means a better earphone. Its what they do with the driver. Also the JVCs seem to be a basshead IEM and i think this is said to be heading down the analytical path so you will wanna think of your preferences before hand!
hardly anyone has heard yet but i would guess mazing sound quality, i would hope so if the re400 are anything to go buy!
More burn in but the XP3 is a better item!
I am using twrp. All I want is USB audio.
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