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I have never heard the RDB?
Even thought the R^2 is the best IEM in my collection, they seem to have ditched it? Why I don't know.
The T51 will have DT1350 drivers
I would guess that it is yes but i will double check. That is not a bad price at all.   Have you guys also seen the upcoming Elpis 3? 10mm dynamic with two BA and tuneable bass, should be interesting!
If you like a warmer sound with some huge bass slam and still great detail this should be on your list for sure.I just wish it had a line out, i had all sorts of trouble feeding it to a separate amp.
Yes i will be for sure. I think i was a bit harsh with noise of this initially! No volume imbalance for sure.   Unboxing:  
Effect Audio make cables with IE8/80 connectors as i in fact have one, i would go with them!
Man this is really sad news.... :( I hope we see more of him in the future ;)
So far i would say that is it is warm and smooth with some real power to the bass and a slightly subdued treble. It sounds really high quality for sure and moves details up very well from the iPhone 4 or Classic. However is noisy.
Yes that was the reason for a lot of delays and my model certainly still is effected by it. It is not the worst i have heard but present.   Another huge niggle is the lack of a true line out :L   and YES! :D
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