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Us guys in the UK are pretty lucky regarding the M500. They are trading in any old headphones you have for 50 pounds off the m500, making them just 200 pounds!
The score are actually on my table that I still update frequently on my websites it is now 100 iems large.
Can not agree more, i have told them for so long just too get a steady line up and then produce new IEMs in the background and keep them a bit more hush. I think if they had a line up now of the R1L, R2L (both these are the R1L are a bit cheaper and seem liked), R^2 (these are simply amazing) and RDB+ V1 (seem very well regarded) and then marketed these solely, stuck them on a website and let them get popular. Then develop the other IEMs quietly and prepare a big release...
I have developed a dodgy connection on the right earpiece now with my R^2. I am gonna give it a clean and hope! This is why i prefer westone connectors. I also noticed that both shells are are different shapes a haha
I have heard the Apollo and Rhea and the Rhea is the best i have heard but maybe the Odin is even better?
errrr they are the Earmo Shake 112
Good old England :(
  My crazies xD
I do not see a future where me and the R^2 will part, its my go to for when ever i leave the house now. I even use it a fair bit in the house. However do not lose faith as from Rhapsodios Facebook status the creator is in hospital so hopefully he will have a safe return and getting making them again :D   So what do you guys think of the R2D2, love the name and the design sure is crazy, 2 dynamic and 2 BA,   R-2D2 UNIVERSAL iem with Mono Crystal cable SP HKD...
looks great mate, how is the performance?
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