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Widing is not a model from the but a brand they are becoming the international dealer for. They make high end dynamic IEMs and have been around a while. I think James444 owns one and he loaned it too rin choi for analysis.   They excite me as they have high impedance and i will be getting a ME-10EL in my package from them as well now! They are an IEM i have wanted to try for a VERY long time now!
I have the bass port option and bass does certainly tighten with burn in but it is still a bit generous on decay. However i like the bass response and find the treble the most offensive part of the sound.
You know i will. Curious how i will find the R2D2 as i love how they implement two dynamic drivers in the R^2 so i will see what adding a TWFK for highs does.
Yes have the RDB and R^2 along with one of there BA based IEMs R1L or R2L and then a few different amps and you have a winning line up that is simple. Do not revise them every week and do not keep revealing successors. They need some composure and organisation i think, big time!   In other news i will be receiving and exciting order of:   RDB+ V1 Mini with new 7n OCC cable R2D2 P&S Amp-S   at the beginning of next month from them so very excited.
Your selling them before you have reviewed them?! And why not try and sell your CIEMs instead?
Wow that's quite a few. I'm going for the mini as well I have decided. Looking forward to your 12 back impressions!
Sly, what have you ordered
That's not the reason they are ranked apart. People to get the straight cable version so there are more reviews on it Nd a higher ranking. Also straight cable is more practical on the go.
One is the ATH-M50S with straight cable and the over is the ATH-M50 with coiled cable....
So glad there is now a high quality cable that comes with the Lear CMs, more reason to get one now!
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