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The piano forte comparison was mentioned earlier in this thread. Part of me thinks that i like the sound of my PFX with more bass and the other part thinks the magic all comes from the lack of bass and treble extension and it all being about the midrange. Is the treble as bad as the PF in terms of extension, like nothing past 10k?
I personally think you deserve the whole line up! ;)   (+Music_4321's complimentary pair for forgetting you)
Missed ADL
One of the first CNET reviews that follows my opinions very closely!
We shouldnt settle for anything less than the Flagship Pandora X model either, hopefully it well share the notoriously painful to wear characteristics as the muramasa viii. So by this reckoning Final Audio Design will go back to there previous venture of... making speakers..... or hearing aids.... by the end of the year?   Tom, what do you think of the whole, using BAs in a headphone concept, and also how are they going to implement so that they create the same volume as...
Video from the Munchen high end show regarding FAD and the Pandora series in the EU:  
Same OEM factory!
I have a pair, they Are really nice earbuds!
Thanks for the kind words. They are a challenge to describe and I think I said you have to hear to believe a few to many times.Man my PFs just keep getting more use at the moment.
Stocks should last a while: these are a bit different in that respect to their earbuds
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