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I will certainly be glad to have the bass be evened out but yes i knew that the vented version would have more bass and am okay with my version not having a lot. I can accept the midrange to be thin, i just can not really accept it too be painful.
He was suggesting them to be BA drivers! (I think)
I have just received news that Sammy has got two R^2s in,  you guys may finally be able to buy them!
They are some awesome measurements and the subjective impressions also really impress me as GoldenEars are quite blunt with them. The only one that was not amazing was the treble texture being closer to rough but you could expect that with peaks it has.
Correct, i have the green dampener and will be getting the latest version with the red dampener. I had no time for an extra bassy version and to be fair (hence i chose the one i have)the one i have is actually fairly pleasant through the bass and into the lower midrange. It could do with a bit more deep bass oomph, it is there but is not very visceral and i guess dynamic are lacking in the midrange as well. However, i would say you get too about 2k, maybe a bit further...
I have just received mine so i thought i will show my face here :D
Okay, i do not agree with them going back on the statements they make, that is certainly wrong indeed. However what i said is nothing to do with me being a reviewer. I was just saying pre ordering an item is different to ordering something from Westone and JH. I am about to receive the revived version where i think they have toned down the treble.
I think it is good that they are taking there time and getting it "right"! Also you did pre order it, right. I can't see this worthy of complaining!
Glad you liked it! Hopefully one day everyone can buy!
Alright i will keep an eye this thread and see how the course of burn in leaves these. I was hoping the highs would be better than the PF as although i am very much in love with my PF, i was hoping these were going to be a bit more versatile than the PFs. I am not a big dark IEM fan however so i am still not sure how these would treat my ears.
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