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Just received the RDB mini, R2D2 and the Widing ME10EL. Very excited right now!
  H200 unboxing
  COP white unboxing, backdrop is poor i know
You have to actually get the one with internal mods as well, it's much better!
  It is the Mezzo Seprano modded Ak100. He decided to feature the X-CC on it as Mitsuru, product and marketing director of final audio design said it was the best he had ever heard them! This is the genius behind it!
These two are literally made for each other <3       Sorry for the quick and shabby picture.
New Email Address _
I will keep you guys posted!
I have a mate round now so no time but i just got the T-PEOS H-200 so will do that comparison over the next few days?
Yashima are the ones the Grado models use right?
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