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  You cannot bypass the internal amp and it has proved really annoying!
I have yet to hear the 2v1 and compared it only to the rΔ2¡
While I'm on holiday my mate is borrowing my RDB and ALL my Westone pin cables and is going to be doing a big comparison piece, should be interesting!
The pictures are above:       Left to Right:   R2D2, R^2, RDB Mini   R2D2: 1100 to 1300 USD (depending on cable) R^2: Was originally 400 USD but i think they have made it too 550 USD with a  better cable (Still a bargain) RDB Mini: 650 USD   Too order use the Email i have provided in the OP and a few posts above or through there facebook page. Charles has left Rhapsodio so only through Sammy Mak. They do repairs for you in warranty time.     The RDB V1 Mini is a similar...
He is ruthless but I can't say he is not very informative. I love his stuff and that frequency response does looks quite scary. However although I do take graphs seriously they are not the last day in sound quality.
Rin Choi analysed these:
Oh right oops
what date is this guys, im passing through Ohio on my hols to the US around 12 august?
Yes Sir,   I present too you the Rhapsodio R2D2, R^2 (although shell shape will be different now) and the RDB V1 Mini                    
Widing ME-10EX or EL
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