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I have confirmation that mine had been sent but not tracking number yet!
Just got a nice 64gb card for my AK100
I will bring the awesome modded MS-AK100
All sorted thanks guys! Was the trash thing!
Yes i am using a mac! So i should empty the trash can? This was a problem before trying to upgrade. I am on 1.33
Hey guys, i am having a problem with my AK100. It basically will not do anything. It would scan the library as it says it is out of space but i have deleted all music off the device. I also can not upgrade firmware as it thinks it dont have the 50mb free needed. I have reset setting but that does not help. Is there a way to do a factory restore, to like make it as if it just come out the box.
I would want to pair it with an external amp, ALL THE TIME ;)
By the sounds of it the mini is tuned a little better then? Did you read the review
I used the JH13 Pro with the MS-AK100 and it was a truly magical experience!
It has optical line out just not a analog line out! You can bypass the DAC and amp but not just the amp while using the DAC
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